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IEEE 2030.7-2017 - IEEE Approved Draft Standard for the Specification of Microgrid Controllers

Description: The reason for establishing a standard for the Microgrid Energy Management System (MEMS) is to enable interoperability of the different controllers and components needed to operate the MEMS through cohesive and platform-independent interfaces. This approach will allow for flexibility and customization of components and control algorithms to be deployed without sacrificing "plug-and-play" or limiting potential functionality. Microgrid components and operational solutions exist in different configurations with different implementations. Regardless of whether equipment and software are commercial or custom, components should be interoperable and with interfaces that comply with functional standards defined by the microgrid energy management system. The standardization focuses on defining functions and interface configurations that allow modularity and interoperability. It deals with the Microgrid Controller operation, and defines those aspects that need to be standardized and those can remain proprietary, while enabling the interoperability with various Distributed Energy Resources (DER) interfaces and facilitating the wide adoption by vendors and utilities. The standard is functionality-driven and focuses on a modular approach that enables potential future expansion and features.
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