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180-1986 - IEEE Standard Definitions of Primary Ferroelectric Terms

Description: Compared to some of the older areas of specialization found within the IEEE organization, ferroelectrics is a relatively new field. The first standard covering the definitions of ferroelectric terms was IEEE Std 180-1962 (R1971), prepared by Subcommittee 14.1 on Ferroelectric Crystals under the chairmanship of J.H. Armstrong and approved in 1962 as an IRE standard. IEEE Std 180-1962 continued in force until the publication of the present standard, which replaces it. During the 20 years that have elapsed since the publication of the original standard, the field of ferroelectrics has enlarged substantially. New materials have been developed, new technical terms have come into use, and even new concepts have arisen. Consequently, there is a genuine need for a new standard, and the present document represents the efforts of the IEEE Committee on Ferroelectrics to meet this need. The major emphasis in this standard is on the definition of terms. When particular terms are related to experimental measurements, the basic measuring techniques are briefly described. However, the discussions of measuring techniques are given with the intention of being recommended practices or guides rather than mandatory requirements.
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