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IEEE Std 1609.4-2010/Cor 1-2014 (Corrigendum to IEEE Std 1609.4-2010) - IEEE Standard for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) -- Multi-channel Operation Corrigendum 1: Miscellaneous Corrections

Description: This corrigendum corrects errors in IEEE Std 1609.4 TM -2010 in the following areas: References to current documents including IEEE Std 1609.0(TM), IEEE Std 1609.2(TM), IEEE Std 609.12(TM), and IEEE P1609.6(TM). Also IEEE Std 802.11p(TM), now part of IEEE Std 802.11(TM)-2012; Clarification of channel access features in the document body and PICS; Clarification of the common time reference; Clarification of the requirement for setting channel busy during the guard interval.
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