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IEEE Std 1484.11.2-2003 - IEEE Standard for Learning Technology - ECMAScript Application Programming Interface for Content to Runtime Services Communication

Description: An ECMAScript application programming interface (API) for content-to-runtime-services communication is described in this standard. It is based on a current industry practice called CMI--computer managed instruction. This API enables the communication of information between content and a runtime service (RTS) typically provided by a learning management system (LMS) via common API services using the ECMAScript language. The purpose of this standard is to build consensus around, resolve ambiguities, and correct defects in existing specifications for an ECMAScript API for exchanging data between learning-related content and an LMS. Keyword: IEEE Std 1484.11.2-2003 , 1484.11.2 , application programming interface , API , computer managed instruction , content object , ECMAScript , ECMAScript API , learning content , learning management system , LMS , runtime service , RTS
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