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IEEE Std 1293-1998/Cor 1-2008 (Corrigendum to IEEE Std 1293-1998) - IEEE Standard Specification Format Guide and Test Procedure for Linear,Single-Axis, Nongyroscopic Accelerometers Corrigendum 1: Changes to Annex K and Annex L

Description: Corrigendum to IEEE Std 1293-1998. Specification and test requirements for linear, single-axis, nongyroscopic accelerometers for use as a sensor in attitude control systems, linear displacement measuring systems, and linear rate measuring systems are defined. The specification format guide and test procedure standard applies to force-rebalance accelerometers (pendulous or translational proof mass), vibrating beam accelerometers (VBAs), and micromechanical accelerometers that range from lesser accuracy to high accuracy devices.
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