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1204-1997 - IEEE Guide for Planning DC Links Terminating at AC Locations Having Low Short-Circuit Capacities

Description: Guidance on the planning and design of DC links terminating at AC power system locations having low short-circuit capacities relative to the DC power infeed is provided in this guide. This guide is limited to the aspects of interactions between AC and DC systems that result from the fact that the AC system is "weak" compared to the power of the DC link (i.e., AC system appears as a high impedance at the AC/DC interface bus). This guide contains two parts: Part I, AC/DC Interaction Phenomena, classifies the strength of the AC/DC system, provides information about interactions between AC and DC systems, and gives guidance on design and performance; and Part II, Planning Guidelines, considers the impact of AC/DC system interactions and their mitigation on economics and overall system performance and discusses the studies that need to be performed.
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