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1017-1985 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Field Testing Electric Submersible Pump Cable

Description: The recommended practice, under the jurisdiction of the IEEE Industry Applications Society, Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee, is presented as minimum criteria for construction of electrical submersible pump cable. It proposes the use of DC because of its advantages over AC. These advantages are as follows: (1) no harmful or accumulative effects on the insulation; (2) smaller test equipment; (3) does not destroy information that may be obtained from fault examination. It is for cables without a connecting motor lead extension cable or surface connecting cable, and it is primarily for armored cables; however, unarmored cables can be tested by submersing them in water. It does not require that testing be performed, either at the time of installation or periodically thereafter for acceptance or maintenance. It sets forth the consensus of known good practice in testing methods, with interpretation of results.
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