FAQs: The Entity Standards Development Process

Learn about using the IEEE Standards Association's time-tested, equitable Entity Process to develop industry-relevant standards.

Are self-nominations allowed?
Self-nominations are not allowed for IEEE-SA awards. (Back to top)

When can I submit a nomination for an IEEE-SA award?
Nominations for IEEE-SA awards are accepted from 1 February until 31 July. (Back to top)

Who can submit a nomination or endorsement? Who can be nominated?
Any organization or person can be nominated. Candidates, nominators, and endorsers cannot currently be:

Go to the specific award page to see the eligibility criteria for each award. (Back to top)

Are nominations confidential?
We ask that, if possible, nominators and endorsers do not inform candidates that they are under consideration, since a limited number of recipients are chosen each year from among several worthy individuals (Back to top)

Who are the judges?
The IEEE-SA Awards and Recognition Committee (ArCom) is responsible for administering the IEEE-SA awards program. After the nomination period closes, ArCom acts on behalf of the BOG to receive nominations and recommend candidates for BOG approval, as appropriate, for IEEE standards awards. (Back to top)

Why do I need to login to complete a nomination form?
Login allows nominators to track their nominations, and to send reminders to endorsers. This added feature is intended to provide secure connections, to assure your privacy and that of the candidates. (Back to top)

Can I use any browser to submit a nomination?
The online nomination platform works best in Chrome, Firefox, and/or Internet Explorer 11 and up. (Back to top)