IEEE 1588 - From Standardization to Certification

Webinar: IEEE 1588™ - From Standardization to Certification

Hosted by IEEE-SA

16 December 2014 @ 11:00 AM EST

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The IEEE 1588™ Precision Time Protocol offers a cost-effective packet-based solution for the synchronization of high-growth 4G/LTE & 5G/LTE-A mobile networks.

This webinar will focus on the first IEEE-sanctioned conformity assessment program validating IEEE 1588™ implementations for telecommunications. Network architects, engineers, equipment suppliers and buyers will learn about the technology, its challenges and the benefits of the program.

Attendees will gain a better understanding of:

  • A network operator's perspective on the use of IEEE 1588 in 4G/LTE and 5G/LTE-A mobile networks
  • Phase and time synchronization as the next frontier for IEEE 1588 telecom deployments
  • Assessing the conformity of PTP master, slave and boundary clocks

Take the opportunity to connect with IEEE 1588™ experts during this interactive webinar

This event will be moderated by John Eidson, co-chair of the IEEE 1588 Working Group (WG).

Additional speakers are: Daniel Philip Venmani of Orange Labs, Sebastien Jobert, Editor of G.8275.1 PTP profile, Iometrix, and Rudi Schubert of the IEEE-SA Conformity Assessment Program.

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John C. Eidson, Visiting Scholar from UC Berkeley and Calnex Solutions Ltd. received his BS and MS from Michigan State University and his PhD. from Stanford University all in electrical engineering. For the past 20 years his work has centered on instrument system architectures and infrastructure. He was heavily involved in IEEE 1451.2 and IEEE 1451.1. He is the co-chairperson of the IEEE 1588 standards committee. He is a life fellow of the IEEE.

Dr. Daniel Philip Venmani is currently a senior research and standardization engineer at Orange Labs, Lannion. His primary research activity focuses on the development of future mobile communication systems architectural design at the transport and network level. He is very actively involved in Standardization activities - representing at ITU‐T Study Group 15 - Question 13 (Network Synchronization and Time Distribution Performance group).

Sébastien Jobert, Director of Engineering at Iometrix, joined Iometrix in 2013 as Senior Director of Engineering. He is currently in charge of conformance testing for timing and synchronization technologies, such as IEEE1588 and Synchronous Ethernet. He takes an active part in standardization: in ITU-T (SG15, SG12, SG11), in IEEE (1588WG, IEEE Conformity Assessment Program), and in IETF on various working groups. He also participates to SDN, NFV and Carrier Ethernet standardization activity in the Cloud Ethernet Forum (CEF).

Rudi Schubert is the Director, New Initiatives for the IEEE Standards Association, with leadership responsibilities for the IEEE Conformity Assessment Program and the IEEE Industry Connections program. Prior to joining the IEEE-SA, he was a Principal Engineer with EnerNex Corporation, and a program manager for the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) with a focus on its testing and certification initiatives. Rudi has a 20+ year record of leading, developing and implementing industry standards and testing programs, assuring expectations for functional performance, compatibility, product robustness and safety are achieved. He is recognized as a technical expert and industry thought leader on conformance and interoperability programs.

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