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Realizing the Immersive Future City: Wearable to Clinical Data Stream Optimization

Presented by IEEE Standards Association

19 December 2017
3:00 p.m. EST

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Join IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) for a free thirty-minute webinar – Realizing the Immersive Future City: Wearable to Clinical Data Stream Optimization. IEEE-SA is organizing an effort to address design implications and technology implementations for the future of immersive cities and the ubiquitous connectivity of the Digital Citizen. The interoperability and standardization of devices, data, and connectivity are critical for seamless interaction with our future environment and health of all citizens. One of the workstreams of this effort is focused on wearables and clinical data with goals of (a) identifying interoperability gaps from sensor through network and (b) fostering optimization of data collection and data collection, both of which will be further discussed at the 2018 Wearables and Medical Interoperability Workshop in Cambridge, MA on 17 January 2018.

Join Gerry Hayes, President & CEO of the Wireless Research Center of North Carolina, as he discusses the Immersive Future City IEEE-SA effort with an introduction to the healthcare workstream focus.

You’ll learn:

  • How we define the future immersive city
  • Some of the design implications and technology implementations concerns
  • Why is the healthcare discussion an important element



Dr. Gerard Hayes Dr. Gerard Hayes, President & CEO Wireless Research Center of North Carolina

Dr. Hayes has nearly three decades of experience in government and commercial electromagnetic research and design. Prior to working with the Town of Wake Forest to establish the WRCNC in 2010, Dr. Hayes was the Director of Engineering at GreenWave Scientific where he led the development of antenna and RF circuit designs for a diverse range of DoD applications.

At Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications (USA) Inc., Dr. Hayes provided global technical leadership in the Technology and Research organization with contributions to handset antenna design, technology, and radiated performance optimization.

At Lockheed Martin (formerly Lockheed Missiles and Space Co.), Dr. Hayes supported research and development efforts for space-based, phased array applications. The scope of his experience encompasses electromagnetic theory, bioelectromagnetics, antenna design, RF circuit analysis, and material engineering. He has participated in the development of international standards for OTA, HAC, and SAR evaluation (including IEEE, IEC, CTIA, and C63 standards).

With over 70 US patents, Dr. Hayes has maintained a prominent technical role in the wireless industry.