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Webinar: Securing the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain with Blockchain

Hosted by IEEE Standards Association

Securing the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain with Blockchain Webinar Replay

The fake medicine market is not only a pharmaceutical crime but it is a global epidemic. The World Health Organization estimates that 1% of drugs in the US are counterfeit, 10% in Europe and 30% in emerging regions (Latin America, Middle East, Africa, etc). While the EU, China, and the US offer more robust track and trace and serialization guidance and laws, at the end of the day we have more compliance and less resolution. Is there a means that can potentially combine the regulatory guidance, human resolve, and technology to better safeguard the drug supply chain?

There has been much hype about blockchain technology in the world of finance, healthcare and many other sectors. Blockchain technology offers a potentially viable solution to protect the supply chain by offering a means to leverage one core principle--trust Information is power. Each of our partners holds the key to a wealth of information that, if shared, can empower patients, healthcare providers, regulatory, and industry executives to truly ensure the source of the medicine from production to patient.

The learning topics of this webinar include:

  • What does serialization offer as a means of security and where can blockchain amplify those core goals?
  • How does blockchain technology distinguish and enhance the benefits of track and trace technologies?
  • Where smart contracts come into play on the supply chain and can they help in the security of the drug supply?
  • How would blockchain offer more in the area of security versus traditional ERP systems?
  • What are Pharma manufacturers most concerned with as it relates to transparency and trust with data on the blockchain?

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Expert Speakers

Dr. Darryl GloverDr. Darryl Glover (Chief Clinical Officer, iSolve) is a highly experienced international business professional with expertise in operations, marketing, finance, strategy, business development, recruiting and mHealth. During his 20+ year career, he has been Head of International Marketing and COO for a Biotech company in Central Europe and served as CEO for their US subsidiary that he established. In the US, he has been a clinical pharmacist, educator, and manager at the University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Virginia, and Northwestern. In the last several years, he has founded or co-founded 3 startups (consulting, technology solution provider, "Tinder for Jobs" recruiting platform) that he has led as CEO or COO. He has a BA in Biology from the University of California at Berkeley, Pharm.D from the University of the Pacific, and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Tim MackeyTim Mackey (MAS, PhD, Director, Global Health Policy Institute; Associate Director, Joint Master's Program in Health Policy and Law Assistant Professor, UC San Diego, School of Medicine) is the Director of the Global Health Policy Institute, an Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Global Public Health at UC San Diego School of Medicine, and is the Associate Director for the UC San Diego MAS Program in Health Policy & Law. He holds a BA in Political Science-International Relations, a Masters' Degree in Health Policy & Law and also earned his PhD in Global Public Health from the joint doctoral program at UC San Diego - San Diego State University. Prof. Mackey's has co-authored over 100 articles in a variety of academic journals including Science, JAMA, Nature Biotechnology, the Lancet, Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology, Clinical Microbiology Reviews, and BMC Medicine. His research and expertise has also been featured in major news outlets such as CNN, NPR, and POLITICO Pro. His work focuses on an array of multidisciplinary topics in domestic and global public health. He also has extensive professional experience including over 10 years' experience in the private sector and acting as a consultant for the World Health Organization, the US Department of State, the US Department of Justice and others.

Mark PaxtonMark Paxton (CEO, Rx360) serves as CEO of RX-360, an international pharmaceutical supply chain consortium dedicated to patient safety by promoting practices to protect supply chains and distribution channels. RX-360 is based in Washington, DC. Prior to joining RX-360, Mark served as a Regulatory Counsel in the CDER Office of Compliance where he was responsible for developing supply chain security policies, both domestically and internationally, including serving as the overseer of a major global initiative under the auspices of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) to establish best practices for ensuring product quality moving in international commerce. Before joining FDA, Mark served as Associate Vice-President, International Regulatory Affairs at the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America ("PhRMA"). In that capacity, Mark established a number of on-going dialogs and work programs with drug regulatory authorities throughout, Japan, China, East Asia, India, Europe and Latin America. These efforts were designed to assist regulators and constituent companies operating in these markets to better understand complex regulatory issues arising from the globalization of the pharmaceutical industry.

Mark is a regulatory attorney by education, experience, and training, and prior to joining PhRMA was in private practice in Lexington, Kentucky where he focused his practice on food and drug law. Mark received his B.S. (1991) and M.S. (1993) degrees in Economics from the University of Kentucky, and his J.D. from the University of Dayton School of Law in 1998.

Maria PalombiniMaria Palombini, Moderator (Director, Communities and Initiatives Development, Global Business Strategy & Initiatives, IEEE Standards Association) Maria recently joined the IEEE-Standards Association to develop networks of like-minded professionals from diverse backgrounds to drive the adoption of emerging technologies in ripe industry sectors. As director of communities and initiatives development, her work focuses on bringing education to industry executives and technologists on industry on use studies and applications that could leverage the benefits of emerging technologies - from blockchain/DLTs to digital inclusion to convergence of IoT, AI and other cognitive computing fields. Simultaneously driving adoption, her work encompasses on working with the technology community to safeguard citizen digital identity and protect the underserved who do not have the control to select who they would like to transact online.

Maria is also the founder of DisruptiveRx, an information gateway addressing the critical need for bio/pharmaceutical companies to disrupt ("rethink") their current operations approach and innovate their operations to keep pace with the next generation of patient-driven healthcare.

Maria has more than 15 years' experience in building global media and events brands in the pharmaceutical/biotech, life science, natural resources, technology and finance markets. Throughout her accomplished career she had the privilege to collaborate with inspiring people and be part of exciting projects including the rebranding and global expansion of an international deal-making platform in the natural resources space.

Maria has a B.S. and B.A. from Rutgers College and an M.B.A. from Rutgers Graduate School of Business from Rutgers University.