IEEE, Live Expert-Panel Discussions

Sponsored by IEEE, participants are able to join in on these globally broadcast, live-panel discussion via Google Hangout on Air. Stay tuned as we add more events soon.

29 July 2014
2:00pm EST
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Privacy and Personal Data in a Connected World 101
In this next installment of the 2014 IEEE-SA Google+ Hangout Series on Privacy, we’ll explore the intersections of opportunity, legality, and interoperability as they relate to IoT.

26 June 2014
11:00am EST
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Generating New Revenues with Augmented Reality
When combining people, places and things with Augmented Reality, new business opportunities emerge. Converting those opportunities into revenue means either cannibalizing existing business or persuading customers to begin spending in a new category.

15 May 2014
11:00am EST
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AR in the City
Augmented Reality promises to be highly valuable for people who plan, build and manage urban spaces as well as those those who visit and live in cities. We will be able to see what urban developers have planned but is yet to be built, see the pipes and electrical wiring in the walls and tunnels below the streets. These services are on the roadmap for our cities, but many significant challenges remain.

17 April 2014
11:00am EST
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AR & Wearable Technology
Wearable technologies can be part of an Augmented Reality-assisted information acquisition and delivery system by providing more sensors to detect the user’s context and an alternative to looking at a smartphone or tablet screen for consuming AR experiences.

9 April 2014
11:00am EST
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Privacy for the Economy
In an inter-connected world, questions around the economics of privacy and personal data are of top concern to industry leaders. While privacy and security nuances have social and political implications, there are also many economic considerations to be understood.

28 March 2014
12:00pm EST
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AR & Privacy
As the use of mobile Augmented Reality (AR) becomes more pervasive, companies and individuals are exploring many new opportunities to simplify their lives and streamline their businesses. Panelists will share their opinions about the impacts AR may have on corporate and personal privacy. Viewers are encouraged to ask questions.

28 January 2014
12:00pm PST
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Privacy for the People
Renowned panelists join in a live discussion to explore what the next era of privacy might look like in a world of increasingly smart devices and ever-more expansive forms of data collection and how bottom up, open collaboration can be used to harness global creativity and expertise for privacy innovation, best practices and solutions.