Open and Interoperable Augmented Reality

Hosted by IEEE

14 November 2014 @ 11am Eastern US

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During this Hangout we will be explore how Open and Interoperable Augmented Reality can build upon existing standards. Spokespeople from the IEEE-SA and other standards development organizations actively working on Augmented Reality will share why their members’ and editors’ include AR use cases, the approaches taken, achievements to date and plans for the future.

We will learn:

  • How do use cases involving Augmented Reality-assisted visualization stimulate the development of new specifications?
  • Which standards are specific to AR and why are they needed?
  • Where can developers of tools and content learn about standards, download them and what are the conditions for use?
  • What are some of the challenges or obstacles to developing standards for Open and Interoperable AR today?
  • Why are all companies not working together to advance Open and Interoperable AR?
  • How can companies and individuals contribute to the development of standards that will contribute to Open and Interoperable Augmented Reality?

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Dr. Terry Idol is well known to the Open Geospatial Consortium community through his years of work as an OGC member. Terry served as Initiative Director of the OGC Critical Infrastructure Protection Initiative in 2002-2003 while he was on loan to OGC staff from BAE Systems, and he has played an active role in the Technical Committee since then. Terry has rich experience in geo-information and remote sensing technologies gained through work. He received his Doctorate in Earth Systems and Geoinformation Sciences from George Mason University.


Jay Iorio is the Innovation Director and unofficial futurist for the IEEE Standards Association. His primary interest is synthetic realities — virtual worlds, virtual reality, augmented reality, and the merging of these and related technologies into new forms. In addition, he has written on gamification, the built environment as a major element of the future computing landscape, and the convergence of art and technology. Iorio built and manages the IEEE Island complex in Second Life and is an Oculus Rift developer working on transforming virtual environments such as Second Life into fully immersive VR experiences. He is also a machinimatographer and creator of the now-departed Etherfilm studio complex in Second Life. Much of his work today involves establishing a cross-disciplinary community -- comprising technologists, artists and filmmakers, game developers, and others -- who together could help define the technical and cultural interoperabilities needed to fulfill the vast promise of this new wave of computer-generated illusion. Jay is based in Los Angeles.


Dr. Marius Preda is Associate Professor at Institut MINES-Telecom and Chairman of the 3D Graphics group of ISO’s MPEG (Moving Picture Expert Group). He contributes to various ISO standards with technologies in the fields of 3D graphics, virtual worlds and augmented reality and has received several ISO Certifications of Appreciation. He leads a research team with a focus on Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing, Games and Interactive Media and regularly presents results in journals and at speaking engagements worldwide. He serves on the program committee international conferences and reviews top level research journals. Marius consults for nationals and European research funding agencies and is a French Minister of High Education and Research Expert for evaluating companies'/corporate research programs.


Neil Trevett A UK native, Neil has been awarded a joint BS from the University of Birmingham in both Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. Neil has spent 25 years in the 3D graphics industry starting in 1985, when Neil became the Head of Graphics Systems at benchMark Technologies. Over several years, he helped to guide the company through its evolution into DuPont® Pixel and then 3Dlabs® before its final acquisition by Creative®. Today, Neil stays busy serving as the elected President of the Khronos Group as well the Chair of the OpenCL™ Working Group. In his “free time”, Neil is the Vice President of Mobile Content at NVIDIA®, a position he has held since 2005.


Moderated by Christine Perey - Christine Perey is a spime wrangler and evangelist with over 20 years of experience in new multimedia communications markets and technologies. She provides fact-based analysis and insights for strategic planning and market development to providers of Augmented Reality-enabled and -enabling products and services. Christine founded and leads the AR Community and serves on panels and committees dedicated to the advancement of Augmented Reality experiences in business and consumer markets. From 1993 to 2004, she was a leading advocate for personal video communications, working with prominent vendors to expand the market for use of video calling in daily life.

Prior to leading the personal videoconferencing industry, Christine was the publisher and editor of the QuickTime Forum and the founder/host of the QuickTime Movie Festival (1991-1993).

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