Generating New Revenues with Augmented Reality - Live Panel Discussion


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Hosted by IEEE
26 June 2014
11:00am Eastern US

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In this panel discussion we will explore what it takes to build and grow a successful business selling Augmented Reality products and services

When combining people, places and things with Augmented Reality, new business opportunities emerge. Converting those opportunities into revenue means either cannibalizing existing business or persuading customers to begin spending in a new category.

In this Hangout we will explore what it takes to build and grow a successful business selling Augmented Reality products and services.

Our panelists will describe their business models and strategies, and describe how they see these evolving in the next two years. We will learn:

  • What is AR going to displace in terms of customer spending?
  • Are there niches that have not yet been filled and in which new revenues will be generated from AR?
  • Which AR segments are high volume/low margin and what are the low volume/high margin businesses?
  • How are AR business models going to change if and when Google, Apple and Microsoft are able to deliver the basic AR components at low cost or free?
  • Is licensing patents and other forms of cost or revenue associated with intellectual property rights already an issue when building an AR company?



Thomas Alt founded Metaio, Inc. in February 2003 together with Peter Meier and is currently serving as the CEO in both Munich, Germany and San Francisco, California. His professional experience with Augmented Reality solutions includes working at Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg. During the two years he spent there, he was the driving force behind implementing the virtual techniques used for manufacturing planning. Thomas received his PhD in 2002 from Otto-Von-Guerike Universität Magdeburg, where he focused his dissertation on Augmented Reality. After receiving his PhD he entered in and won the Futuresax business plan contest. The money earned from this contest he used to create Metaio, Inc. Thomas is a featured guest speaker at various international conferences as well as a guest-lecturer at the Technical University of Munich.

Affiliation: CEO, Metaio external link


Daniel Kraus - Daniel heads the Augmented Reality business for HERE, a division of NOKIA, overseeing the horizontal and vertical application of the company’s advanced visualization technologies. Prior to joining NOKIA in 2009, Daniel worked for a variety of startups in the digital content space, including two that he founded. He also spent 5 years at Microsoft, where he was responsible for the company's next-generation 3D Animation authoring system. Since joining NOKIA, Daniel has held a variety of senior positions within the HERE organization (formerly NAVTEQ), including heading up the company’s Global 3D data products in Chicago.

Daniel holds a B.S. and M.A. from Fordham University in New York, and serves on the advisory boards of several startup companies based in the US and Europe. Born in the US, Daniel currently lives in Berlin, and enjoys travelling, snowboarding, and flying in his spare time.

Affiliation: Director, Augmented Reality, HERE (a Nokia Business) external link


Brian Mullins has consistently been on the forefront of technology and is a pioneer in the field of augmented reality. His experience with Human Machine Interface and Computer Vision technologies enabled him to found DAQRI and develop its proprietary 4D technologies for the enterprise. Prior to founding DAQRI, Brian transitioned to industrial robotics from the field of military command and control systems, after spending three years as a consultant to the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command in San Diego.

Earlier in his career, Brian worked as an engineer at the Computer-Aided Operational Research Facility operated by the U.S. Department of Transportation, supporting simulation and network technologies and working with some of the pioneers of those fields. Throughout his career, Brian developed and implemented systems that employed some of the earliest vision-based mixed reality technologies.

Brian holds a Bachelor of Science from the United States Merchant Marine Academy, where he studied electrical and mechanical engineering.

Affiliation: Founder & CEO, DAQRI external link


Moderated by Christine Perey - Christine Perey is a spime wrangler and evangelist with over 20 years of experience in new multimedia communications markets and technologies. She provides fact-based analysis and insights for strategic planning and market development to providers of Augmented Reality-enabled and -enabling products and services. Christine founded and leads the AR Community and serves on panels and committees dedicated to the advancement of Augmented Reality experiences in business and consumer markets. From 1993 to 2004, she was a leading advocate for personal video communications, working with prominent vendors to expand the market for use of video calling in daily life.

Prior to leading the personal videoconferencing industry, Christine was the publisher and editor of the QuickTime Forum and the founder/host of the QuickTime Movie Festival (1991-1993).

Affiliation: PEREY Research & Consulting external link