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IEEE Internet of Things Workshop

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Yi Chen

Yi Chen
Yi Chen is an engineer of Industry & Standards in the Department of Strategy of Huawei Technologies. She is working on standardization in Quality of Service/Experience of multimedia (ITU-T, Q13 co-Rapporteur of SG12 in 2009 – 2010), wireless new service/architecture (3GPP SA1) and M2M (oneM2M and CCSA). She serves as the vice chair of WG1 (General Requirements & Architecture) of TC10 (Technical Committee of Ubiquitous Network) in CCSA (China Communication Standards Association).

Wael Diab

Wael William Diab
Wael William Diab works as a Senior Technical Director in the Office of the CTO at Broadcom. He is responsible for defining technical strategy for the Infrastructure & Networking Group (ING). Named winner of the 2011 TechAmerica Innovator Awards for his leadership in Green Technology, he was recognized by the David Packard Medal of Achievement and Innovator Awards for his leadership in the development of Broadcom's Energy Efficient Ethernet Networking solutions. In 2009, he was awarded Broadcom’s 2009 CEO and President’s Award for his work on energy-efficient Ethernet technologies and green networking.

Prior to Broadcom, Diab served at Cisco in various technical, architectural, and business leadership roles, focused on next-generation networking technologies. He was also a key member of the team at Cisco that delivered the first Gigabit Ethernet, Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) and Power over Ethernet (PoE) products to the industry.

Wael is a Senior Member of the IEEE and was unanimously elected and reelected as the Vice-Chair of the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group, serving in that position since 2008. Prior to his role as Vice-Chair he served as secretary for the IEEE 802.3 Working Group and Editor-in-Chief for IEEE Std 802.3ah™-2004. He is currently the chair of the IEEE 802.3 Working Group’s standing Maintenance Task Force and has served as editor and chair of multiple IEEE 802.3 Task Force projects.

Wael is active in IEEE governance serving on the IEEE-SA Standards Board since 2011 and its various committees since 2008 including RevCom, NesCom, AudCom and ICCom (at various times). He was elected to IEEE-SA Corporate Advisory Group (CAG) and has been serving since Q4 2010, and the Vice-Chair of the CAG since Q1 2012. He is also a member of the IEEE Standards Education Committee (SEC), the SEC’s eZine Editorial Board, a member of the IEEE-SA Board of Governors Strategic Planning and Portfolio Management Committee since 2010 and currently serves on the Europe strategy ad-hoc. He is the Chair of the IEEE-SA BoG Registration Authority Pricing ad-hoc, serving in that role since 2011.

Wael currently serves as the IEEE-MGA liaison to the IEEE-SA. He volunteers on the IEEE-SA Internet of Things (IoT) group.

In addition to IEEE, Wael served as Director and Secretary of the Board of EFM Alliance (EFMA), Vice-Chair of the MSAD group in the FTTH (fiber to the home) Council and was part of the launch of the FTTH Council in Europe. He participates in ISO/IEC SC25 and its Working Group 3 as an ex-officio member of the US TAG and is active in industry STOs, MSAs, entities, alliances including EPA, ITU-T, TIA, Ethernet Alliance and others.

In the field of green networking, Wael represents Broadcom’s interests in a number of forums including Climate Savers Computing, Green Grid, Green Touch and Energy Star.

Wael is a published author co-authoring "Ethernet in the First Mile: Access for Everyone", an IEEE published book, and a contributing author to “Broadband Services: Business Models and Technologies for Community Networks”, a Wiley published book. In addition, Mr. Diab has published several notable white papers on Ethernet topics including 10G Ethernet, EFM and energy-efficient Ethernet networking.

Mr. Diab has been a featured speaker at a number of industry conventions, universities, seminars and panels, often serving as a keynote speaker or panel leader. At Cisco, Wael served as a Technology Research Director and was a member of Cisco's University Research Board championing multiple grants.

Wael holds BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, a BA degree in Economics from Stanford, and an MBA with honors from the Wharton School of Business. He holds 80 US issued patents and has developed over 300 patents and patents-pending in the networking space. In 2011 Wael was selected to participate in the National Academy of Engineering (NAE)’s 2011 EU-US Frontiers of Engineering.

Jianbin Fan

Dr. Jianbin Fan
Jianbin Fan received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from Xi’an Jiaotong University (China) in 1990 and 1995, and Ph.D. degree from China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI) in 2000. Currently, he works in International Corporation Department of State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), and serves as Director of International Organization Division. He is responsible for making and implementing development strategies for SGCC to efficiently and effectively participate in international organizations as well as engage in international standardization and academic activities, with a focus on smart grid, UHV power transmission, and renewable energy.

Prior to this position, he worked in CEPRI from 2006 to 2010 as the Deputy Director of High Voltage Department and the Vice Director of Electric Power Industry Quality Inspection and Test Center. From 2000 to 2005, he worked in high voltage laboratory of CEPRI. During that period, his main research interests include external insulation, operation and maintenance of high-voltage transmission lines and equipment. He has been with ETH Zurich as an Academic Guest from October 2008 to September 2009. He is also adjunct professor of Xi’an Jiaotong University and Southwest Jiaotong University.

Dr. Fan has been a member of IEC Advisory Committee on Electricity Transmission and Distribution (ACTAD, former SB1) since 2006, a member of IEC Market Strategy Board (MSB) SWG1 (EEE), SWG4 PT1 (EES) and PT2 (Grid integration of large-scale renewables and large-scale storage), assistant to Secretariat of IEC TC115 “High voltage direct current transmission for DC voltages above 100kV,” member of IEC TC36 WG11 “Revision of IEC 60815: Guide for the selection of insulators in respect of polluted conditions,” secretary of CIGRE D1.50 “Atmospheric and altitude correction factors for air gaps and clean insulators,” leader of Task Group A of CIGRE A3.28 “Switching phenomena and testing requirements for UHV & EHV equipment,” member of CIGRE B3.29 “Field tests technology on UHV substation during construction and operation,” and past member of CIGRE B3.22 “Requirements for substations exceeding 800kV,” etc.

As well, he is the Secretary General of the National UHV AC Transmission Technology Standardization Committee of China, Vice Secretary General of National HVDC Transmission Technology Standardization Committee of China, Vice Chairman of the National Insulator Standardization Committee of China, Chairman of the Power Industry High Voltage Test Technology Standardization Committee, and Secretary General of the Power Industry HVDC Transmission Technology Standardization Committee.

Dr. Fan is an IEEE Senior Member, holds 14 issued patents, and has published over 90 papers. He has received the 2007 IEC&CIGRE Outstanding Contribution Award for the excellent organization of International Symposium on International Standards for Ultra High Voltage.

Oliver Goh

Oliver Goh
Oliver's career (Hewlett Packard, Autodesk, Maag Holdings, Implenia) has been devoted to technological innovation for the real estate industry.

In 2009 Oliver founded Shaspa. Shaspa (“Shared Spaces”) is an innovative service delivery framework and set of services blending the technologies of smart sensors, social networks, and mobile and virtual worlds, enabling the user to visualize, monitor, and manage their environments while gaining immediate feedback through interactive interfaces. Smart spaces are focused on supporting more sophisticated human environment interfaces to cater to the needs of our areas of engagement, such as facilities management (energy/maintenance), safety and security, entertainment and convenience, and health and wellness.

Prior to founding Shaspa Research, Oliver’s work was focused on facilities management solutions, product lifecycle management, workflow management, and building optimization. He has pioneered the integration of sensor networks with web, mobile, and 3D solutions to create shared spaces for all aspects of facilities management services, from virtual risk mapping to online building automation management.

Oliver worked closely with IBM and SAP developing the integration of sensors into mirror worlds, creating virtual operation centers for command and control of real facilities, and dynamic 3D visualization tools that support global collaboration and rapid prototyping.

He is a leader in employing sensor networks and instrumented environments in the service of sustainability to improve our daily lives and to help create a better environment for everyone, addressing CO2 reduction, energy management, health, and education. He is an advocate for using open-source development approaches for distributed sustainability.

Jaap Groot

Jaap Groot
Jaap Groot is the Vice President, Global Sales for SIGFOX. Jaap has over 20 years of diversified experience in telematics and M2M gained in a global environment and has brought his extensive experience in international product and sales management to SIGFOX. Prior to his appointment, Jaap held management positions with Roadshow (now Descartes), Qualcomm, and MiX Telematics. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Ir) degree from the Technical University in Eindhoven, with a physics and business administration qualification, which he completed in 1989.

Noelle Humenick Noelle Humenick
Noelle Humenick is Senior Manager, Professional Services at the IEEE Standards Association. Over the past 15 years she has helped to drive the growth of the IEEE-SA industry services platform, holding various strategic positions of increasing responsibility across the organization. Most recently, she managed the market entry of the IEEE-SA into the alliance management services market via a strategic partnership with the IEEE-ISTO. Throughout her professional career she has overseen program management efforts to dozens of industry-driven initiatives, helping to build markets for various technology areas. Noelle received a BA from Seton Hall University.
Haixiang Li

Haixiang Li
Haixiang Li is Deputy Director General for the International Cooperation Department of the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC). Based on his experience in the field of electric power system operations and control, Mr. Li has worked in the industry for over 25 years.

Prior to working at SGCC, he was employed by the Zhejiang Electric Power Company, rising to the position of Chief Engineer. He has written numerous papers on topics such as electric power grids and substations. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Zhejiang University and his Master’s degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. He is a member of the IEEE Standards Association Corporate Advisory Group (IEEE-SA CAG) in 2013.

Oleg Logvinov

Oleg Logvinov
Oleg Logvinov is the Director of Market Development at STMicroelectronics’ Industrial & Power Conversion Division. After graduating from the Technical University of Ukraine (KPI) with a Master’s equivalent in electrical engineering, he worked as a senior researcher at the R&D Laboratory of the Ukraine Department of Energy at the KPI. During the last 20 years Mr. Logvinov has held various senior technical and executive management positions in the telecommunications and networking industry.

Mr. Logvinov currently serves on the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) Corporate Advisory Group and the IEEE-SA Standards Board. He also actively participates in several IEEE standards development working groups. Mr. Logvinov helped found the HomePlug Powerline Alliance and today serves as the Chief Technical Officer of the Alliance. Mr. Logvinov has fifteen patents.STMicroelectronics logo

Mary Lynne Nielsen Mary Lynne Nielsen
Mary Lynne Nielsen has worked in the standards field for over 20 years, supporting the creation of consensus documents at the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA). Currently, she is the Director of Corporate Programs for the IEEE-SA, overseeing its corporate standards development and outreach programs as well as its emerging technologies program. Mary Lynne is responsible for the ongoing development of the internet of things standards strategy for the IEEE-SA. A graduate of Indiana University, Mary Lynne is the recipient of an IEEE Computer Society Certificate of Appreciation as well as an Appreciation Award from the IEEE-SA Standards Board.
Alan Pan

Dr. Alan Pan
Dr. Alan Pan is Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and Head of the Advanced Electronics Business Unit of Tatung Company, a global major company headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. In his over 20 years with Tatung in Taiwan and the U.S., Dr. Pan has served in different positions for research & development and sales/marketing to help Tatung materialize its emerging market opportunities. Examples of product success include digital TVs, networked imaging devices, and most recently home area networks for smart energy and the Internet of Things. He has actively engaged with leading companies and visionaries to shape the future of IoT product interoperability.

Dr. Alan Pan received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University, USA, in 1990. In addition to his work in the company, he also taught at Tatung University as associate professor from 1991-1998. He has presented in many international seminars and conferences for advanced technologies and applications in the past two decades.

Alan Pan

Yatin Trivedi
Yatin Trivedi is Director of Standards and Interoperability Programs at Synopsys. He represents Synopsys on the Standards Board and Corporate Advisory Group of the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA), the Board of Directors of IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (IEEE-ISTO), and the Board of Directors of Accellera. He also represents IEEE-SA on the Education Activities Board (EAB) and the Standards Education Committee (SEC). He is Editor-in-Chief of Standards Education Committee eZine, vice chair of Design Automation Standards Committee (DASC), and member of the IEEE-SA’s NesCom and AudCom governance committees. He represents Synopsys on several standards committees and manages interoperability initiatives under corporate strategic marketing group. He also works closely with the Synopsys University program.

Yatin has been in engineering, marketing and management role in the semiconductor industry for 27 years. Prior to joining Synopsys, Yatin was Senior Director of Strategic Partnership Programs at Magma Design Automation. He worked with semiconductor IP and library suppliers and EDA tool vendors to establish comprehensive supply chain solutions around Magma’s digital design implementation and analysis flows.

In 1992, Yatin co-founded Seva Technologies as one of the early Design Services companies in Silicon Valley. He co-authored the first book on Verilog HDL in 1990 and was the editor of IEEE Std 1364-1995 and IEEE Std 1364-2001. He also started, managed, and taught courses in VLSI design engineering at UC Santa Cruz extension (1990-2001). Yatin began his career at AMD and also worked at Sun Microsystems (acquired by Oracle).

Yatin received his B.E. (Hons) EEE from BITS, Pilani and M.S. Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland.

Matthieu van Bilsen

Matthieu Van Bilsen
Matthieu van Bilsen is Director, IBM Electronics Industry in Asia-Pacific, working across consumer electronics; medical devices; office; industrial and network equipment; and semiconductor companies.

He has over 25 years of global experience in a wide range of technical, managerial, and executive positions in EMEA, USA, and Asia Pacific and has worked with clients across the industry, public institutions, and government agencies.

Matthieu has a deep understanding of the key marketplace opportunities and challenges facing electronics firms in general and in Asia-Pacific more specifically. Matthieu and his family have been living in Shanghai since 2007.