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The 40th Anniversary of Ethernet

Celebrating Ethernet's 40th anniversary, IEEE 802 Ethernet innovation, and IEEE-SA's pursuit of technology excellence.

IEEE 802.3: Celebrating 30 Years of Networking Technology Excellence and Innovation

May 22, 1973 saw the invention of one of the world's greatest technology innovations: Ethernet. However, this seminal technology could not have become the unparalleled success it is today without the efforts of thousands of dedicated individuals around the world – the members of the IEEE 802.3 Working Group.

While Ethernet has matured into the de facto backbone of modern networking and high-speed communications, it has not done so on its own. Many of Ethernet's triumphs have been built upon the collaborative vision and work of key stakeholders ranging from designers and engineers to researchers and ultimately, end users. And it all began on June 23, 1983, with the approval of IEEE Std 802.3™, the first-ever "Standard for Ethernet."

Since its inception, Ethernet has been standardized many times over, branching out into an array of mediums that include copper, fiber, and wireless. Today, the application horizon for this elemental technology is limitless, with new standards addressing diverse disciplines like automotive, smart grid, and life sciences. And as it continues to grow and advance, IEEE will be there to help Ethernet achieve even greater successes.

IEEE 802.3™: Celebrating 30 Years of Networking Technology Excellence and Innovation