City Visions: The Heavy Projects

Augmented World Expo 2014

IEEE Standards Association is set to participate in the “City Visions” challenge at the Augmented World Expo 2014 (AWE 2014)


27-29 May 2014 - Santa Clara, California

Augmented World Expo (AWE), the world’s largest augmented reality tradeshow, brings together top innovators in AR, wearable computing, digital eyewear, gesture and sensors devices, and the Internet of Things (IoT). IEEE-SA will support City Visions, an open challenge for AR being held in conjunction with AWE 2014.

Open and Interoperable AR Workshop

27 May 2014 1:30 - 5:30 PM EDT

Open and interoperable Augmented Reality tools will provide publishers the largest audiences (aka reach) and users with the most variety of experiences, without sacrificing choice of AR-enabled players. Workshop details

IEEE City Visions Experience - View Full Size Mural

IEEE City Visions Experience City Visions is an open challenge for augmented reality developers to think critically about the future of augmented urban landscapes and, in doing so, design working proof of concept applications. We invite you to work as futurists and use the provided composite mural image as the tracking target, and the canvas upon which you will build your augmented experience. The challenge is particularly focused on augmented visions of the future city in the areas of architecture, transportation, and art. However, this is a crowd-sourced campaign designed to draw from the wisdom, creativity, and insight of the collective, so please feel free to push the envelope in terms of meaningful and interesting ways that the future digital city may emerge.

Using mobile AR technology, the IEEE City Visions experience will demonstrate how IEEE 802 standards create the underlying technological framework of the connected city. When holding the mobile device up to the City Visions composite mural, the user becomes the “connected person” and can then view and interact with how 802 standards are interwoven into the fabric of a wired city.

IEEE-SA and Augmented Reality

The IEEE-SA is leading campaigns and projects to ensure that AR reaches its full potential because AR will make us more efficient, increase industry opportunities, and add to the quality of human life. The IEEE-SA is investing in this area to educate and inform you about this vital new information technology trend and to support the industry’s smooth growth. Learn more about IEEE-SA AR and view upcoming events.