2016 IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA)
Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day

This is the premier event for manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, and tool providers to learn about Ethernet technologies and applications in the automotive environment.

2016 IEEE-SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day
20-21 September 2016, Paris, France


Tuesday 20 September 2016

Master of Ceremony: Karim El Attachi (Renault)
Welcome Speech
Thomas De Soete (Renault)
Keynote: Automotive Lessons Learnt
Thomas Königseder (BMW)
Benefits of Standardization in Automotive Ethernet
Dave Olsen (Harman)
Network & Architecture
Automotive Plug & Play - Scalability and flexibility for E/E networks
Michael Ziehensack (Elektrobit)
Hari Parmar (Jaguar Land Rover)
How Ethernet helps building a scalable network architecture
Olaf Krieger (Volkswagen)
Empiric methodology to find the best Ethernet network configuration for automotive use-cases & requirements
Josetxo Villanueva (Renault)
Data Transfer and E/E-Architecture for High-Resolution Headlight Systems
Gennady Benderman (Porsche)
100Mbps-Sufficient bandwidth for instantly affordable infotainment and ADAS
Dmitrii Loukianov (Broadcom)
1000BASE-T1 Learnings and Next Generation Use Cases
Alexander Tan (Marvell, Director of the Automotive Solutions Group)
Enabling 1000BASE-T1 for Automotive Applications
Natalie A. Wienckowski (General Motors) - OPEN Alliance Chair
Special Session
Use cases, technical and economic feasibility as well as timeline of new speed grades that complement the automotive Ethernet PHY family
Moderator: Kirsten Matheus (BMW)
Panelists: Claude Gauthier (OmniPHY), Mehmet Tazebay (Broadcom), Amir Bar-Niv (Aquantia), Steve Carlson (High Speed Design), Shehnaz Louvart (Renault), Conrad Zerna (Fraunhofer IIS)

Wednesday 21 September 2016

Security Concepts for Ethernet based E/E-Architectures
Jan Holle (ESCRYPT)
Timo Lothspeich (Robert Bosch)
An Embedded Secure Model for Diagnostics over IP Communication
Fábio L. Soares (Centro de Informática, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco)
Divanilson R. Campelo (Centro de Informática, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco)
Colt Correa (Intrepid Control Systems)
Benefits of Deep Packet Inspection Techniques for Advanced Automotive Ethernet Architectures
Christopher Mash (Marvell, Automotive Applications and System Architecture)
Automotive Ethernet Requirements for Japanese Automotive Industry: Especially Switch and Security
Nobukatsu Kitajima (Renesas Electronics)
Mikio Kataoka (Hitachi Automotive Systems)
Avnu-certified Time-sensitive Networking: Realistic and Interoperable
Frank Baehren (Intel)
Kevin Stanton (Intel) - Avnu Alliance Chairman
Evaluation result on network performance of selected Ethernet AVB and TSN features on FPGA based system
Thorsten Hoffleit (Renesas Electronics)
Dnyaneshwar Kulkarni (Renesas Electronics)
Is AVB really much better than using classic IEEE 802.1Q™ queuing?
Bogdan Tenea (Ixia Communications)
Alon Regev (Ixia Communications)
Validation & Test
Automotive Ethernet: How to handle the difference between the standard and its implementation
Thomas Kirchmeier (BMW)
Compliance Verification and Qualification for Automotive Switch Chips
Georg Janker (RUETZ System Solutions)
Lessons learned from QoS measurements for implementing Automotive Ethernet Network
Julien Duretz (Renault)
Reach ASIL Targets for Automotive Designs with Certified Ethernet IP
John Swanson (Synopsys)
Closing Remarks
Karim El Attachi (Renault)