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IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) and the IEEE 1900.5™ Policy Language and Architectures for Managing Cognitive Radio for Dynamic Spectrum Access Applications Working Group (WG) announces a Call For Proposals.

The IEEE 1900.5 WG is chartered to develop two new standards, IEEE P1900.5.1™ Standard Policy Language for Dynamic Spectrum Access Systems and IEEE P1900.5.2™ Method for Modeling Spectrum Consumption.

This Call for Proposals is soliciting proposals for the content of these standards. Required documentation for any proposal made is as defined below.

• CALL FOR INTENT: Due 26 July 2013
The Call for Intent is a process in which all interested parties are asked to identify their intention to submit proposals. YOU MUST DECLARE YOUR INTENT. You may decide later, if necessary, to retract your intent, but it must be declared.  The purpose of this call is to enable scheduling for the 26-29 August 2013 IEEE DySPAN Standards Committee (DySPAN-SC) Plenary meetings, and assignment of document numbers. A meeting agenda (subject to change) will be posted on the IEEE DySPAN calendar at least 30 days before the meeting. All declarations must be submitted on or before 26 July 2013.

Submit your notification of intent to:
Matthew Sherman
IEEE 1900.5 WG Chair

• CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Due 23 August 2013 •
This Call for Proposal is soliciting proposals for the content of standards IEEE 1900.5.1 and IEEE 1900.5.2.  Required documentation for any proposal made is as defined below and should be delivered on or before 23 August 2013.

Submit your documentation to:
Matthew Sherman
IEEE 1900.5 WG Chair

Yuriy Posherstnik
IEEE 1900.5 WG Secretary


All Proposal Packages must be submitted no later than 23 August 2013.

Proposal Package is defined as follows: Word documents containing recommended text for the content of the standard(s) and minimally one power point presentation (per standard) providing an overview of the material proposed for inclusion in the standard.  Preference will be given to proposals that completely address the scope of a PAR, but proposals that partially address the PAR scope will also be considered.  Proposals should be consistent with IEEE 1900.5™-2011.  If not, they should identify specific changes required in IEEE 1900.5-2011 for the proposals to be consistent with the standard.  IEEE 1900.5-2011 can be used for guidance on the overall formatting of the standards.  IEEE 1900.5-2011 is available for purchase at the IEEE Standards Store

Sections 1-3 of the standards will be titled “Overview”, “Normative References”, and “Definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations”.  Material for those sections is optional in any proposal.  Additional material beyond these sections can use any structure desired. But material provided should be consistent with general IEEE drafting practices as defined in the 2012 IEEE Standards Style Manual.

Example (non-binding) outlines for the draft standards can be found in:
IEEE P1900.5.1
IEEE P1900.5.2

Proposal Evaluation Process:

Any proposals received shall be presented and evaluated during the IEEE 1900.5 meetings to be held 26-29 August 2013.  Final selections may or may not be made at that meeting.  It is anticipated that all proposals shall be presented and discussed (questions and answers).  Specific time allotments will depend on the complexity of proposals made.  

Once presented, the process shown in Figure 1 will be used for evaluation of proposals. The amount of detail and supporting material is expected to vary widely between submissions.  A more complete submission could improve the candidate proposals’ standing.

Time will be scheduled during the August 2013 meetings for general discussion, clarifications, and questions.  It is anticipated that additional time (beyond the August 2013 meetings) will be required to fully vet the proposals and complete the selection process.  No specific timeline is  presumed, but a goal would be to complete the process and have fully prepared WG ballots by the end of calendar year 2013.

IEEE P1900.5 cfp chart


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