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Call for Participation
in Developing a Server Standard for the
IEEE 1680™ Environmental Assessment Family

Submit your response by 31 August 2013

The IEEE Computer Society, in conjunction with IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA), invites all interested parties to notify us if they wish to actively participate in the development of IEEE P1680.4™ Standard for Environmental Assessment of Servers.

The IEEE P1680.4 standard will define environmental performance criteria for computer servers. The clear and consistent set of environmental performance criteria provided in the existing IEEE 1680™ will be applied to servers. IEEE 1680 is also the basis for IEEE 1680.1™ (PCs), IEEE 1680.2™ (imaging equipment) and IEEE 1680.3™ (TVs). The new standard will join the existing family of IEEE Standards. The IEEE 1680 family of standards has been widely used throughout the world.

The environmental performance criteria relate to reduction or elimination of environmentally sensitive materials, materials selection, design for end of life, life cycle extension, energy conservation, end-of-life management, corporate performance, and packaging.

Currently IEEE 1680 includes sections that define how the standard is implemented (such as the process for registering products and verifying compliance to the standard) while product specific environmental criteria are published as separate standards under the umbrella standard. This avoids redundancy, or inconsistency, between the standards and streamlines their development by focusing development on product-specific environmental performance criteria rather than the implementation system.

These standards are intended to provide guidance for government, institutional, and corporate purchasers. Product manufacturers may also use it to earn recognition in the consumer market, recognizing that certain criteria may not be applicable to all types of purchasers. This family of standards is used by the EPEAT registry system to provide manufacturers with an opportunity to secure market recognition for efforts to reduce the environmental impact of electronic products. This standard shall be updated and revised on a periodic basis to continue to set a higher performance standard for leadership products.

Stakeholders for this standard include computer manufacturers, suppliers of materials, equipment and packaging, electronics equipment recyclers, reuse organizations, trade associations, environmental advocacy organizations, purchasers, users, resellers, retailers, environmental representatives of government agencies, academic experts, and the general public.

Your active participation and technical contributions will be instrumental in developing a standard of high technical quality.

To Participate

Even if you replied to the IEEE 1680.1™ Call for Participation, if you would like to participate in the revision of IEEE P1680.4™, please submit your information (see sidebar for details) by 31 August 2013.


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To Participate
submit the following by
31 August 2013

Address an email to:

Chuck Walrad
Computer Society VP
of Standards Activities

IEEE P1680.4 WG participation

Please include the following:

1. Your name and email address

2. Name of your employer

3. If you are a consultant, the name of the client(s) who will be supporting your activities

4. Which of the following interest categories you belong to:

  1. Producers of end products within the scope of the standard and their trade associations

  2. Suppliers and their trade associations

  3. Recyclers and their trade associations

  4. Other types of businesses commercially engaged with the product

  5. Governmental agencies

  6. Non-governmental environmental advocacy organizations

  7. Institutional purchasers and consumers

  8. Academics

  9. Public or other


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