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Call for Participation
IEEE P2030.101™ Working Group

The IEEE Standards Association Working Group (WG), Time Synchronization Design - IEEE Recommended Practice for the Design, Installation and Monitoring of Time Synchronization Systems for Power Utility Substations
invites all interested parties to participate in the development of IEEE P2030.101™ Guide for Designing a Time Synchronization System for Power Substations.

The IEEE P2030.101 guide will cover the design, installation, and monitoring of time synchronization systems in power utility substations.  The guide includes systems that use time sources such as Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) and time distribution systems such as Inter-Range Instrumentation Group –B (IRIG-B), Network Time Protocol /Simple Network Time Protocol SNTP (NTP/SNTP), and IEEE C37.238™. 

This guide will assume that the time source and the Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) have accurate clocks. 

Time synchronization is now critical to the smart grid. With substations using legacy systems and new standards for network time synchronization, a guide is needed to ensure adequate system design is undertaken to support the applications relying on accurate and reliable time.   

We are seeking systems users, time system designers, substation designers, protection engineers, and automation engineers to participate in the development of this project.


If you would like to join the IEEE P2030.101 WG, and participate in the development of the standard, we ask that you please

- create an email (subject line: IEEE P2030.101 WG participation) 
- include your name, organization, email, & phone number
- submit the following information to

Jim Bougie
IEEE P2030.101 WG Chair


445 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ 08854