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Call for Participation

The IEEE P1451.1™™ Working Group (WG) is announcing a Call for Participation to revise ISO/IEC/IEEE P21451-1™ Standard for Smart Transducer Interface for Sensors and Actuators - Common Network Services.

This standards development project is sponsored by the Instrumentation and Measurement Society (IMS)/TC-9. It is also jointly developed with ISO/IEC/JTC1/ SC31/WG6.

In the family of ISO/IEC/IEEE 21451™ standards, there are no common network services defined for IEEE 1451™™ smart transducers to communicate transducer data and information to and from a network accommodating various network services such as Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) services, Internet Protocol (IP) services, Web services, and Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) services.The purpose of this standard is to define a set of common network services for smart transducers. This standard provides means for smart transducer interoperability.

This standard defines a set of common network services for communication with IEEE 1451 smart transducers invoking IEEE 1451.0™ transducer services.

The IEEE P1451.1 WG is seeking participants from the sensor/network manufacturers, system integrators, and smart sensor/actuators system users including asset management, cargo container tracking, geospatial/military, remote health sensing and monitoring, SCADA/process control, smart grid, smart phone/devices, supply chain, and transportation systems, and other potential applications.

To join the Working Group and be included in the next WG meeting participation list, please submit your name and contact information by 23 December 2012 to:

John Schmalzel, WG Chair:

If you have any questions related to the IEEE P1451.1 WG, please contact:

John Schmalzel, WG Chair:
Kang Lee, WG Co-Chair:

WG meeting notice will be sent out on 28 December 2012.
WG meeting date, via electronic conferencing, will be held on 9 January 2013.

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