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IEEE P1415™™ Working Group
Call for Participation

The IEEE P1415™ Working Group (WG) announces a call for participation to review and revise IEEE 1415-2006™, Guide for Induction Machinery Maintenance Testing and Failure Analysis.

This revision is intended to clarify the guidance provided in the existing IEEE 1415 standard for maintenance testing and failure analysis for form-wound, squirrel cage, induction machinery rated up to 15 kV. The Working Group is in the initial stages of evaluation, so no formal votes have yet been taken, and all technologies are open for evaluation.

The IEEE 1415 WG is seeking participants from industries interested in the maintenance testing and failure analysis of form-wound induction motors, which may include users of induction motors in all industrial applications (manufacturing, process, power generation, water treatment, etc.); motor service, testing, and repair businesses; system designers and equipment specifiers; motor manufacturers; and test equipment suppliers.

If you would like to join the working group, or have questions related to IEEE P1415, please contact:

John Ready, WG Chair
Tel: +1 301-228-8660

IEEE Standards Association
445 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ 08854

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