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Wired and Wireless Communications Working Groups

Wired and Wireless Communications Working Groups
WG802.1 - Higher Layer LAN Protocols Working GroupThe IEEE 802.1 Working Group is chartered to concern itself with and develop standards and recommended practices in the following areas: ... active Working Group
WG802.11 - Wireless LAN Working GroupIEEE P802.11 is a standards working group on wireless local area networks. The working group is a part of IEEE LMSC (LAN MAN Standards C ... active Working Group
WG802.15 - Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) Working GroupThe IEEE 802.15 WG (Working Group) develops Personal Area Network standards for short distance wireless networks; a.k.a. WPANs active Working Group
WG802.19 - Wireless Coexistence Working GroupIEEE 802.19 develops standards for coexistence between wireless standards of unlicensed devices. IEEE 802.19 reviews coexistence assuran ... active Working Group
WG802.20 - Mobile Broadband Wireless Access (MBWA) Working GroupThe mission of IEEE 802.20 is to develop the specification for an efficient packet based air interface that is optimized for the transpo ... active Working Group
WG802.21 - Media Independent Handoff Working GroupIEEE 802.21 is developing standards to enable handover and interoperability between heterogeneous network types including both 802 and n ... active Working Group
WG802.22 - Wireless Regional Area Networks Working GroupThe charter of IEEE 802.22, the Working Group on Wireless Regional Area Networks (WRANs), under the PAR approved by the IEEE-SA Standard ... active Working Group
WG802.3 - Ethernet Working GroupThe IEEE 802.3 Working Group develops standards for Ethernet based LANs active Working Group
DYSPAN-P1900.4 - Architecture and Enablers for Optimised Radio & Spectrum resource usageThe purpose of 1900.4 is to address radio resource management, reconfiguration management in composite wireless networks comprising mult ... active Working Group
TC34_SC2 - SAR evaluation - numerical techniquesThe purpose of TC34 Subcommittee 2 is to specify numerical techniques and standardized models of the human anatomy used for determining ... active Working Group
1609 - Dedicated Short Range Communication Working GroupThe IEEE 1609 Family of Standards for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) define an architecture and a complementary, stand ... active Working Group