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Robot 3D Map Data Representation This standard extends the IEEE 1873-2015 Standard for Robot Map Data Representation from two-dimensional (2D) maps to three-dimensional (3D) maps.... Active Working Group
WG For the Adoption of: Robots and robotic devices: Guide to the ethical design and application or robots and robotic systems The standard establishes a set of ontologies with different abstraction levels that contain concepts, definitions and axioms which are necessary... Active Working Group
Working Group for Ethically Driven Nudging for Robotic, Intelligent and Autonomous Systems Nudges" as exhibited by robotic, intelligent or autonomous systems are defined as overt or hidden suggestions or manipulations designed to... Active Working Group
Robot Map Data Representation A map data representation of environments of a mobile robot performing a navigation task is specified in this standard. It provides data models... Active Working Group
Ontologies for Robotics and Automation A core ontology that specifies the main, most general concepts, relations, and axioms of robotics and automation (R&A) is defined in this... Active Working Group
Displaying results 1 - 7 of 7