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Power and Energy Working Groups

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Power and Energy Working Groups
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WGC5 - Substations Working Group C5Responsible for the review and update of all assigned ANSI/IEEE and IEEE standards, as needed. The reviews and updates encompass advanc ... active Working Group
WGD1 - IEEE Guide for Recommended Electrical Clearances and Insulation Levels in Air Insulated Electrical Power SubstationsTo develop guidelines on minimum clearances and insulation coordination of sub­stations. active Working Group
WGD3 - Substation Bus Design Working GroupDetermine basis of design for thermal loading effect of thermal expansions, corona, or radio influence voltage on the design; determine ... active Working Group
WGD5 - IEEE Guide for Direct Lightning Stroke Shielding of SubstationsTo investigate methods being used to prevent direct lightning strokes to bus and equipment within a substation and to prepare a guide fo ... active Working Group
WGD6 - Measuring Earth Resistivity, Ground Impedance, and Earth Surface Potentials of a Grounding System Working GroupProduce an IEEE paper and a recommended practice on how to design flexible interconnections for substation bus-to-bus, bus-to-equipment ... active Working Group
WGD7 - GroundingTo review IEEE 80 on a continuing basis and to direct the reaffirmation or review of the guide every five years. To guide contributions ... active Working Group
WGD8 - Development of Specification for Turnkey Substation ProjectsTo investigate and publish a guide on the methods and procedures for a systematic approach toward the development of a guide for turnkey ... active Working Group
WGD9 - Permanent Connections Used in Substations Working GroupInvestigate the necessary tests or test procedures to evaluate connections for thermal capacity, conductivity, mechanical strength and c ... active Working Group
WGF1 - IEEE Recommended Practices for Seismic Design of SubstationsWithin the scope of the Main Committee, provide guidelines relating to seismic design criteria in substations. active Working Group
WGF3 - Substation Fire Protection Working GroupInvestigate and review current fire protection philosophy, regulations, and practices in use within substations and incorporate this inf ... active Working Group
WGG3_1264 - IEEE Guide for Animal Deterrents for Electric Power Supply SubstationsThe Subcommittee is currently forming a working group. active Working Group
WGI4 - Static Var CompensatorInvestigate substation design for, and operation of, Static Var Compensators (SVCs), including valve cooling and enclosures, layouts, au ... active Working Group
WGI5 - Voltage Sourced ConvertersReview the applications of voltage sourced converters (VSC), such as STATCOM, UPFC, SSSC and VSI for DC transmission. Coordinate with ot ... active Working Group
WGI8 - Power Electronics Building Blocks (PEBB) Concept Working GroupPower Electronics Building Block is a broad concept that incorporates individually or collectively progressive integration of power devi ... active Working Group
WGK1 - High Voltage Gas-Insulated SubstationsThis standard establishes ratings and requirements for planning, deesign, testing, installation, and operation of gas insulated substati ... active Working Group
Adscom-WG_C37.100 - Adscom - IEEE Standard Definitions for Power SwitchgearReview drafts of PSRC publications for proper terminology, abbreviations, and symbols; and recommend additions and changes to C37.100 (D ... active Working Group
HVCB-WG-C37.06.1 - HVCB-C37.06.1Treatment of all matters relating to high voltage power circuit breakers (above 1000 Volts AC and 3200 Volts DC). active Working Group
HVCB-WG_C37.013 - HVCB - IEEE Standard for AC High-Voltage (rated above 1000 V) Generator Circuit Breakers for Use with Generators Rated 10 MVA or MoreTreatment of all matters relating to high voltage power circuit breakers (above 1000 Volts AC and 3200 Volts DC). active Working Group
HVCB-WG_C37.015 - HVCB - IEEE Application Guide for Shunt Reactor SwitchingShunt reactors are used in power systems to compensate the capacitive losses of transmission lines during periods of low load. The shunt ... active Working Group