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Power and Energy Working Groups

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Power and Energy Working Groups
Dist-WGC57.15 - Distribution - Step-Voltage Regulator Working GroupStudy and review engineering aspects of overhead, pad mounted and certain underground type distribution transformers rated 2500 kVA and ... active Working Group
DryType-WGC57.12.01 - Dry Type Transformers - General Req. Working GroupStudy and review engineering aspects of those transformers and reactors in which a significant component of the internal insulation is a ... active Working Group
DryType-WGC57.12.60 - Dry Type Transformers - Thermal Eval. For Solid-Cast & Resin Encap Insulation Working GroupThis Test Procedure for the thermal evaluation of insulation systems of dry type power and distribution transformers, including both ope ... active Working Group
InsFluid-WGC57.121 - Insulating Fluids - Less-Flammable Hydro-Carbon Fluid Working GroupThere is currently no defined, independent standard for this new test technology. Each vendor is free in the way of implementing test ha ... active Working Group
InsFluid-WGC57.139 - Insulating Fluids - DGA in LTC Working GroupThis guide discusses and recommends methods of testing and evaluating dissolved gases in mineral based transformer oils found in Load Ta ... active Working Group
InsLife-WGC57.100 - Insulating Life - Thermal Eval. of Dist. Xfrmrs Working GroupThis standard provides test procedures to evaluate the thermal aging characteristics of insulation systems used in liquid-immersed distr ... active Working Group