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Property Specification Language Working Group The Accellera Property Specification Language (PSL), a language for formal specification of electronic system behavior, was developed by Accellera... Active Working Group
Mixed-Signal Test Bus Working Group To define, document, and promote the use of a standard mixed-signal test bus that can be used at the device, sub-assembly, and system levels to... Active Working Group
Working Group for Core Test Language (CTL) A language to describes test constructs such as test patterns, different configurations of a design etc. is defined to allow for reuse test... Active Working Group
Working Group for Core Test Language (CTL) To develop a language which will provide a sufficient description of a core to support reuse of test data developed for that core after... Active Working Group
In-System Configuration of Programmable Devices Working Group To define, document, and promote the use of a standardized process and methodology for implementing programming capabilities within programmable... Active Working Group
3D-Test Working Group The proposed standard is a 'die-centric' standard; it applies to a die that is intended to be part of a multi-die stack. The proposed standard... Active Working Group
Fault Accounting and Coverage Reporting to Digital Modules (FACR) The standard formalizes aspects of fault models as they are relevant to the generation of test patterns for digital circuits. Its scope includes ... Active Working Group
Internal Joint Test Action Group A methodology for accessing instrumentation embedded within a semiconductor device, without defining the instruments or their features themselves,... Active Working Group
Compact JTAG Working Group This specification describes circuitry that may be added to an integrated circuit to provide access to on-chip Test Access Ports (TAPs) specified... Active Working Group
Describing On-chip Scan Compression This standard defines how the necessary information is passed from scan insertion to pattern generation and from pattern generation to diagnosis... Active Working Group
Static Component Interconnection Test Protocol and Architecture Working Group There is currently no defined, independent standard for this new test technology. Each vendor is free in the way of implementing test hardware... Active Working Group
Working Group for Test Technology for Household Appliances An integrated framework of the test software for household appliances is defined. This standard specifies the test environment and the test... Active Working Group
Electrical Resistance Heat Tracing for Industrial Applications The Standards Subcommittee offers an opportunity to keep abreast of what is happening in standards both in IEEE and in other worldwide standard... Active Working Group
Hardware Interfaces Working Group The Hardware Interfaces (HI) Sub-committee manages the IEEE-1505 RFI and the associated Pin Map (IEEE-1505.1 CTI) standards. The 1505 RFI is... Active Working Group
TC25 - Subcommittee on Objective Blood Pressure Measurement The document covers two topics concerning systemic arterial blood pressure in humans. The first topic is objective measurement and analysis of... Active Working Group
Standard Test Procedure of Wind Turbine Aero Acoustics Noise Techniques to select wind turbine and wind farm aero acoustic noise measurements, including instrumentation standards and metrology technology,... Active Working Group
Common Functionality and TEDS Working Group There are currently three approved and three proposed smart transducer interface standards in the IEEE 1451 family of standards. They all share... Active Working Group
Mixed-mode Communication Working Group A standard is needed that allows analog transducers to communicate digital information for the purposes of self-identification and configuration.... Active Working Group
Ocean Observation Working Group The framework of building a distributed ocean observing software system based on complex virtual instruments (CVIs), which are used for processing... Active Working Group
Precise Networked Clock Synchronization Working Group The IEEE 1588 working group is charged with the maintenance and any future revisions of the IEEE 1588 Standard for a Precision Clock... Active Working Group
Wireless Sensor Working Group Many companies are developing various wireless communication interfaces and protocols for sensors. An openly defined wireless transducer... Active Working Group
Down-The-Road Radar This standard establishes a) the requirements that describe the technical performance of down-the-road radar (DTR radar) and b) the test methods... Active Working Group
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