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Industry Applications Working Groups

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Industry Applications Working Groups
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HI - Hardware Interfaces Working GroupThe Hardware Interfaces (HI) Sub-committee manages the IEEE-1505 RFI and the associated Pin Map (IEEE-1505.1 CTI) standards. The 1505 R ... active Working Group
TC34_SC2 - SAR evaluation - numerical techniquesThe purpose of TC34 Subcommittee 2 is to specify numerical techniques and standardized models of the human anatomy used for determining ... active Working Group
TC95_SC2 - Terminology, Units of Measurements and Hazard Communications Working GroupSubcommittee 2 is responsible for the development of standards for the design of symbols denoting the incidence of radio-frequency (RF) ... active Working Group
TC95_SC5 - Working Group for Safety Levels with Respect to Electro-Explosive DevicesSubcommittee 5 is responsible for the development of standards that provide techniques for determining safe distances from radio frequen ... active Working Group