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Ubiquitous Green Community Control Network Convergence and Scalability Working Group/UGCCNET-CS/P1888.2 This standard describes heterogeneous networks convergence and scalability, specifies the requirements of network convergence, extends the system... Active Working Group
Ubiquitous Green Community Control Network Working Group The standard describes a remote control architecture of digital community, intelligent building groups and digital metropolitan networks;... Active Working Group
Baseline Operating System Security Working Group Originally suggested by NIST, this project intended to produce a Common Criteria Protection Profile for baseline security requirements of... Active Working Group
Working Group for Power Management Controls This standard covers the user interface for the power status control of electronic devices that ordinary people commonly interact with in their... Active Working Group
Guide for Protective Relaying of Utility-Consumer Interconnections Described in this guide are protective relay applications involving electric service to consumers that requires a transformation between the... Active Working Group
Portable Computer Battery Working Group The Portable Computer Battery Working Group was created to provide a platform based on the experience of industry leaders in cell, battery pack,... Active Working Group
Cell Phone Battery Working Group The PES Stationary Battery Committee is dedicated to the advancement of user knowledge in the application and operation of all stationary battery... Active Working Group
Displaying results 1 - 13 of 13