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Computer Technology Working Groups

Computer Technology Working Groups
1667 - Working Group for 1667he IEEE 1667 protocol defines a standard protocol for secure authentication and creation of trust between a secure host and a directly a ... active Working Group
2600 - Hardcopy Device and System Security Working GroupThe IEEE 2600 family of standards were developed by the Hardcopy Device and System Security Working Group, and are sponsored by the IEEE ... active Working Group
ALF - Advanced Library Format Working GroupDefine and release a standard specification for modeling next-generation silicon including timing, power, signal integrity, synthesis, t ... active Working Group
P1076 - VHDL Analysis and Standardization GroupVASG is responsible for maintaining and extending the VHDL standard (IEEE 1076). Current News: 1076-2008 was approved by REVCOM in Septe ... active Working Group
VLOGSyn - Verilog Register Transfer Level Synthesis Working GroupTo develop a standard syntax and semantics for Verilog RTL synthesis. This standard shall define the subset of IEEE 1364 (Verilog HDL) w ... active Working Group
WG802.1 - Higher Layer LAN Protocols Working GroupThe IEEE 802.1 Working Group is chartered to concern itself with and develop standards and recommended practices in the following areas: ... active Working Group
WG802.11 - Wireless LAN Working GroupIEEE P802.11 is a standards working group on wireless local area networks. The working group is a part of IEEE LMSC (LAN MAN Standards C ... active Working Group
WG802.15 - Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) Working GroupThe IEEE 802.15 WG (Working Group) develops Personal Area Network standards for short distance wireless networks; a.k.a. WPANs active Working Group
WG802.22 - Wireless Regional Area Networks Working GroupThe charter of IEEE 802.22, the Working Group on Wireless Regional Area Networks (WRANs), under the PAR approved by the IEEE-SA Standard ... active Working Group
CDSWG20 - Competency Data Standards Working GroupWorking Group 20 (WG20) has been working on a draft standard for Reusable Competency Definitions (RCD) and is studying the possibility o ... active Working Group
CMI_WG11 - Working Group for Computer Managed InstructionToday Computer Based Training (CBT) is being written by a diverse number of parties using very diverse tools or authoring systems. Many ... active Working Group
LOMWG12 - Working Group for Learning Object MetadataTo enable learners or instructors to search, evaluate, acquire, and utilize Learning Objects.<br />To enable the sharing and exchange of ... active Working Group
1284 - 1284 Working GroupThe IEEE 1284 family of standards were developed to address the connectivity needs (parallel, USB and network) of personal computers and ... active Working Group
1596 - Working Group for Scalable Coherent InterfaceTo create, maintain, and encourage the use of IEEE standards for the engineering of computer systems involving microprocessor and floati ... active Working Group
1620 - Working Group for Organic and Molecular ElectronicsThe purpose of this standard is to provide a method for systematically characterizing organic transistors. These standards are intended ... active Working Group
754 - Working Group for Floating-Point ArithmeticIEEE 754-2008 governs binary floating-point arithmetic. It specifies number formats, basic operations, conversions, and exceptional cond ... active Working Group
P1722 - Audio/Video Bridging Layer2 TransportIEEE P1722 defines encapsulations for a variety of media formats and associated synchronization mechanisms active Working Group
P1733 - Layer 3 Transport Protocol for A/V AppTo create, maintain, and encourage the use of IEEE standards for the engineering of computer systems involving microprocessor and floati ... active Working Group
1016 - RP for Software Design Descriptions Working GroupP1016 was approved as a revision standard by the IEEE-SA Standards Board on 19 March 2009. It has been published as IEEE Std 1016–200 ... active Working Group
P828 CM - P828 - Configuration ManagementThis revision effort is directed at moving the existing Software Configuration Management standard (828) from a document standardto a pr ... active Working Group
WG_1599 - Working Group for XML Musical ApplicationThis project will develop an XML application defining a standard language for symbolic music representation. The language will be a me ... active Working Group
1516 - HLA Evolved Working GroupThe High Level Architecture (HLA), standardized as the IEEE 1516-series, has been developed to provide a common architecture for distrib ... active Working Group
1450.6.2WG - Working Group for Core Test Language (CTL)A language to describes test constructs such as test patterns, different configurations of a design etc. is defined to allow for reuse t ... active Working Group
1532 - In-System Configuration of Programmable Devices Working GroupTo define, document, and promote the use of a standardized process and methodology for implementing programming capabilities within prog ... active Working Group
DYSPAN-P1900.6 - Spectrum Sensing in Advanced Radio SystemsSecondary and opportunistic spectrum use will require reliable dependable trusted spectrum sensing capabilities that are fundamental to ... active Working Group
RuBee - RuBee Working GroupThe IEEE 1902.1 standard defines the air interface for radiating transceiver radio tags using long wavelength signals (kilometric and ... active Working Group
B09W/P1493 - Guide for the Evaluation of Solvents Used for Cleaning Electrical Cables and AccessoriesThis guide presents evaluation categories, test methods and acceptance criteria to evaluate chemicals used to clean electrical cables an ... active Working Group
S0/WG1711 - PSCC/S0/WG 1711 & 1711.1Responsible for the trial use standard P1711. active Working Group
DMC - Diagnostic and Maintenance Control Working GroupTo provide formal specifications to support exchange and analysis of information in system test and diagnosis. active Working Group
HI - Hardware Interfaces Working GroupThe Hardware Interfaces (HI) Sub-committee manages the IEEE-1505 RFI and the associated Pin Map (IEEE-1505.1 CTI) standards. The 1505 R ... active Working Group