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Communications Working Groups

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Communications Working Groups
BPLPHMAC - Broadband Over Power Lines PHY/MAC Working GroupThe project will develop a standard for high speed (>100 Mbps at the physical layer) communication devices via alternating current elect ... active Working Group
CFAT - Common Functionality and TEDS Working GroupThere are currently three approved and three proposed smart transducer interface standards in the IEEE 1451 family of standards. They al ... active Working Group
TC34_SC2 - SAR evaluation - numerical techniquesThe purpose of TC34 Subcommittee 2 is to specify numerical techniques and standardized models of the human anatomy used for determining ... active Working Group
1609 - Dedicated Short Range Communication Working GroupThe IEEE 1609 Family of Standards for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) define an architecture and a complementary, stand ... active Working Group