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Std. WG - Cont. Revision C57.1 - Standards Working Group on the Continuous Revision of C57.12.00

Study and review engineering aspects of test voltage requirements for service conditions, or conversely, voltage tests that will determine that service requirements are met for liquid filled transformers and reactors. Develop and maintain related standards, recommended practices and guides for such criteria. Coordinate with other technical committees, groups, societies and associations as required.

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Existing Standards Created by this Working Group

C57.12.00c-1992 Xfrmr Loss Measurements & Tolerances Withdrawn Standard
C57.12.00h-1992 Table 9, Note 4-Nameplates Withdrawn Standard
C57.12.00i-1992 Table 9, Note 2-Nameplates Withdrawn Standard
C57.12.00j-1992 External Phase to Phase Clearances for Power Transformers-Section 6.8 . Withdrawn Standard
C57.12.00k-1992 Table 17, Note 1/Supple to C57.12.00 Withdrawn Standard
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