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The IEEE 1588 working group is charged with the maintenance and any future revisions of the IEEE 1588 Standard for a Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control Systems (also known at PTP). This standard defines a protocol and time-sensitive components enabling precise synchronization of clocks in distributed systems. The protocol is applicable to systems communicating by local area networks including, but not limited to, Ethernet. The protocol enables heterogeneous systems that include clocks of various inherent precision, resolution, and stability to synchronize to a grandmaster clock. The protocol supports system-wide synchronization accuracy in the sub-microsecond range with minimal network and local clock computing resources. The standard specifies how to customize the protocol for specific application domains using a 1588 profile. The technology defined by IEEE 1588 is currently being used in the following industries: telecommunications, power generation and distribution, industrial automation, robotics, data acquisition, test and measurement. The current version of the standard, IEEE 1588-2008, became official on July 24, 2008. At the present time the only active work of the 1588 working group is providing responses to requests for interpretations of this standard received by the IEEE.

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