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Many light-duty vehicles, and increasing numbers of heavy commercial vehicles, are equipped with some form of a MVEDR. These systems are diverse in function, and proprietary in nature, however, the SAE J1962 (ISO/DIS 15031-3) vehicle diagnostic link connector (DLC) has a common design and pinout, and is thus universally used to access event data recorder information. Data access via the DLC can be accomplished by using scan tools or microcomputers and network interfaces. This same DLC and network interface is also used for re-calibrating electronic control units on a vehicle. Such ECU applications can include restraint controls, engine controls, stability controls, braking controls, etc. This amendment defines a protocol to protect against misuse of electronic tools which use the DLC to erase, modify or tamper with electronic controller or odometer readings, or to improperly download data. Implementation of MVEDRCLA provides an opportunity to voluntarily achieve DLC security by standardizing a MVEDRCLA which will act to prevent vehicle tampering, which can include odometer fraud, illegal calibrations leading to emissions violations and theft of personal data. Adoption of this standard will therefore make the common MVEDR/DLC data more secure and credible while still permitting accessibility to legitimate end users.

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