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LOMWG12 - Working Group for Learning Object Metadata

To enable learners or instructors to search, evaluate, acquire, and utilize Learning Objects.<br />To enable the sharing and exchange of Learning Objects across any technology supported learning systems.<br />To enable the development of learning objects in units that can be combined and decomposed in meaningful ways.<br />To enable computer agents to automatically and dynamically compose personalized lessons for an individual learner.<br />To compliment the direct work on standards that are focused on enabling multiple Learning Objects to work together within a open distributed learning environment.<br />To enable, where desired, the documentation and recognition of the completion of existing or new learning &amp; performance objectives associated with Learning Objects.<br />To enable a strong and growing economy for Learning Objects that supports and sustains all forms of distribution; non-profit, not-for-profit and for profit.<br />To enable education, training and learning organizations, both government,public and private, to express educational content and performance standards in a standardized format that is independent of the content itself.<br />To provide researchers with standards that support the collection and sharing of comparable data concerning the applicability and effectiveness of Learning Objects.<br />To define a standard that is simple yet extensible to multiple domains and jurisdictions so as to be most easily and broadly adopted and applied.<br />To support necessary security and authentication for the distribution and use of Learning Objects.

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