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HVCB-WG C37.12.1 - HVCB - Recommended Practice for Instruction Manual Content of High-Voltage Circuit Breakers (Over 1000 Volts)

This guide provides a recommended table of contents for high-voltage circuit breaker instruction manuals. The guide provides a listing of information that will help a knowledgeable user receive, install, commission, operate, and maintain circuit breakers. Recommended additional material is described in Clause 5 for circuit breakers that are intended for high-voltage, free-standing installations. Drawout circuit breakers used in switchgear are excluded from Clause 5 requirements. Circuit breakers used in gas-insulated switchgear installations are excluded from this guide. This guide in no way replaces the manufacturer¿s instruction manual, which is to be used for safe and effective utilization of the circuit breaker. This guide helps organize instruction manual information in a consistent and user-friendly manner.
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