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The objective of this Standard is to document and make available requirements for exchanging data between IEEE Std™ 1815 and IEC 61850 protocols using a gateway. While a primary focus of this Standard is for the electric utility industry, other industries that deliver energy and water could also use this document if they also plan to use both IEEE Std 1815 and IEC 61850 in their systems. The intent of this Standard is to meet the goals established by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for a Smart Grid: -Provide a standard way to map between two standards from recognized standards institutions. -Provide interoperability within hundreds of operational systems and between thousands of IEEE 1815 and IEC 61850 devices. Vendors may use this Standard to implement and test their gateway products and be assured of a high degree of interoperability. Users may use this document to specify their respective systems. System integrators may use this Standard to assist in system integration and testing of user systems utilizing both protocols and gateways.
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