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B02W/404 - Working Group for Cable Joints

The standard provides manufacturers and users with a consistent set of qualification test requirements for all cable joints rated 2.5 kV to 500 kV. It also provides production test requirements for many cable joints used on extruded dielectric cables. In addition, material properties and sampling rates are included for joint designs not easily production tested in their final form. The task group, B2W, is currently working on the latest revision to the standard which will provide closer harmonization to international standards for those cable joints used on extruded dielectric cables rated 69kV and above. It will provide more applicable testing protocols to insure appropriate joint operation in the field for extruded dielectric cable joints for joints in a joint-series. A joint-series being a family of joints designed and manufactured to cover a wide range of cable including various conductor sizes and materials as well as various extruded insulation thicknesses and materials. The latest proposed revision will also change the format of the design test sequence tables in the current standard to provide a more clear and concise format to eliminate interpretation errors.

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