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1175.5 WG - Guide for CASE Tool Interconnections - Syntax for Transferring Behavior Specifications Working Group

The data metamodel provided by this standard is the means with which a modeler’s understanding of the actual or desired behavior of a system can be reduced into a recorded form. The metamodel provided by this project standardizes the forms of terms and expressions in the recorded form, and it standardizes the relationships by which those terms and expressions are combined to state facts about a system’s behavior. This standardization allows the automated storage, manipulation, analysis, and graphical representation of many aspects of the modeler’s understanding of system behavior. A noteworthy advantage of this particular data metamodel is that it has a direct correspondence with the observable characteristics and patterns of real system behavior through the conceptual metamodel in IEEE P1175.4. Common function and activity models introduce a variety of “non-physical” elements into the modeling process, and can leave ambiguities in the interpretation of the model into observation. In contrast, the form of the statements supported by the data metamodel is well suited for revealing inherent ambiguities in the modeler’s system behavior understanding, for clearly stating the behavior requirements for a system, for the selection of verification methods for the requirements, and for serving as a starting point for the development of test cases. The importance of providing these capabilities to the systems engineering and software engineering communities follows from the recognized significance of good requirements statements to the success of design and development efforts for both systems and software.

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