Registration Authority

IEEE offers Registration Authority programs or registries which maintain lists of unique identifiers under standards and issue unique identifiers to those wishing to register them. The IEEE Registration Authority assigns unambiguous names to objects in a way which makes the assignment available to interested parties.

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Wire transfer does not ensure guarantee of a seven-day turnaround in the issuance of a CID assignment. If you require the assignment within seven business days, please choose a different method for remitting payment.

  • Your bank will remit your to fee to a "correspondent" bank that will charge a $20 (US) processing fee to handle the transaction. Be sure your remittance to the IEEE-SA includes this fee in addition to the cost of the CID, $705 (US).
  • If you requested your company to remain confidential, please include the additional fee of $1,150 (US).

Wire Transfer Instructions

  • Add $20 (US) to the CID charge of $705 (US) to cover the "correspondent" bank's service charge.
  • Add $20 (US) to the CID charge of $705 (US) and the $1,150 (US) to cover the “correspondent” bank's service charge.

Wire Transfer To
Wells Fargo
123 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19109 USA

ABA or R/T Number: 121000248
Account Number: 2011306738416
Account Name: IEEE
S.W.I.F.T. Address: WFBIUS6S

Please notify the IEEE-RA by email or fax (+1-732-562-1571) on the day the money is wired to Wells Fargo.

If you received an invoice in the mail, please reference the invoice number when making a payment via Wire Transfer. This information is very important in order to properly credit your account.