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C57.12.44 - Standard Requirements for Secondary Network ProtectorsThis standard is intended for use as a basis for establishing the performance, electrical and mechanical interchangeability, and safety ... active
C57.12.51 - Standard for Ventilated Dry-Type Power Transformers, 501 kVA and Larger, Three-Phase, with High-Voltage 601 V to 34 500 V; Low-Voltage 208Y/120 V to 4160 V- General RequirementsThis standard describes certain electrical and mechanical characteristics and takes into consideration certain safety features of 60 Hz, ... active
C57.12.51 - Guide for Mechanical Interchangeability of Ventilated Dry Type TransformersThis guide sets forth characteristics of ventilated dry type transformers relating to performance, limited electrical and mechanical int ... active
C57.12.60 - Standard Test Procedure for Thermal Evaluation of Insulation Systems for Dry-Type Power and Distribution TransformersThe purpose of this test procedure is to establish a uniform method for the following: a) Acquiring data for the selection of the temper ... active
C57.12.70-2011/Cor 1 - Standard Terminal Markings and Connections for Distribution and Power Transformers - Corrigendum 1: Correction of Annex AThis standard defines the terminal markings and connections for distribution, power, and regulating transformers covered in the IEEE C57 ... active
C57.12.80 - Standard Terminology for Power and Distribution TransformersThe purpose of this standard is to provide definitions and consistent interpretation of commonly used terminology related to electric po ... active
C57.12.91 - Standard Test Code for Dry-Type Distribution and Power TransformersThe purpose of this standard is to provide information regarding the procedures for the testing of dry-type transformers. Transformer re ... active
C57.13.1 - IEEE Draft Guide for Field Testing of Relaying Current TransformersThis guide describes field test methods that assure that current transformers are connected properly, are of marked ratio and polarity, ... active
C57.13.5 - Standard of Performance and Test Requirements for Instrument Transformers of a Nominal System Voltage of 115 kV and AboveThe purpose of this standard is to supplement the IEEE Std C57.13 with specific requirements to single-phase instrument transformers of ... active
C57.13.7 - IEEE Draft Standard for Current Transformers with a Maximum mA Secondary Current of 250mAThe scope of C57.13-2008 does not currently address the mA range CT. This standard enables the evaluation, certification and specificati ... active
C57.13.8 - Standard Requirements for Station Service Voltage TransformersThis Standard is a basis for the establishment of performance and limited electrical and mechanical interchangeability requirements of t ... active
C57.13.9 - Standard for Power-Line Carrier Coupling Capacitors and Coupling Capacitor Voltage TransformersThis standard applies to coupling capacitors (CC) for power-line carrier (PLC) applications, to capacitors for reduction of the rate of ... active
C57.15 - IEEE Draft Standard Requirements, Terminology, and Test Code for Step-Voltage RegulatorsDescription of design types, tables of 50 Hz and 60 Hz ratings, supplementary ratings, construction, and available accessories are prov ... active
C57.16 - Standard for Requirements, Terminology, and Test Code for Dry-Type Air-Core Series-Connected ReactorsThe purpose of this standard is to define the requirements and test code for series-connected dry-type aircore reactors and, with some r ... active
C57.18.10 - Standard Practices and Requirements for Semiconductor Power Rectifier TransformersThis standard includes transformers for semiconductor power rectifiers, inverters, furnaces and adjustable speed drives for dedicated lo ... active
C57.19.01 - IEEE Draft Standard for Performance Characteristics and Dimensions for Transformer and Reactor BushingsElectrical, dimensional, and related requirements 1 for power transformer and reactor bushings that have basic impulse insulation levels ... active
C57.19.02 - Standard for the Design and Performance Requirements of Bushings Applied to Liquid Immersed Distribution TransformersThis standard covers electrical, mechanical, dimensional, and related requirements for non-condenser bushings used in liquid immersed di ... active
C57.19.04 - IEEE Draft Standard Performance Characteristics and Dimensions for High Current Power Transformer Bushings with Rated Continuous Current in Excess of 5000 Amps Located Within Bus EnclosuresThis standard covers the electrical, dimensional, and related special requirements for high current rating power transformer bushings wi ... active
C57.21 - Standard Requirements, Terminology, and Test Code for Shunt Reactors Rated Over 500 kVAThis standard specifies the requirements, terminology, and test code for oil-immersed and dry-type shunt reactors rated over 500 kVA and ... active
C57.32a - Standard for Requirements, Terminology, and Test Procedures for Neutral Grounding Devices Amendment: Neutral Grounding Resistor SectionThis standard applies to devices used for the purpose of controlling the ground current or the potentials to ground of an alternating cu ... active
C57.91 - Guide for Loading Mineral-Oil-Immersed Transformers and Step-Voltage RegulatorsApplications of loads in excess of nameplate rating involve some degree of risk. It is the purpose of this guide to identify these risks ... active
C57.93 - Guide for Installation and Maintenance of Liquid-Immersed Power TransformersThe recommendations presented in this guide apply to inspection, installation, and maintenance of liquid-immersed power transformers rat ... active
C57.104 - Guide for the Interpretation of Gases Generated in Oil-Immersed TransformersThe purpose of this document is to provide a Guide for evaluating transformer condition using analytical tools and methods involving tra ... active
C57.105 - Guide for Application of Transformer Connections in Three-Phase Electrical SystemsThis guide describes transformer connections and configurations in 3-phase electrical systems. The characteristics of the various transf ... active
C57.109 - IEEE Draft Guide for Liquid-Immersed Transformers Through-Fault-Current DurationRecommendations believed essential for the application of overcurrent protective devices applied to limit the exposure time of transform ... active
C57.110 - Recommended Practice for Establishing Liquid-Immersed and Dry-Type Power and Distribution Transformer Capability When Supplying Nonsinusoidal Load CurrentsThis recommended practice provides calculation methods to conservatively evaluate the feasibility for an existing installed dry-type or ... active
C57.119 - IEEE Draft Recommended Practice for Performing Temperature Rise Tests on Liquid-Immersed Power Transformers at Loads Beyond Nameplate RatingsRecommendations are made, where possible, regarding the performance and evaluation of temperature rise tests on liquid-immersed power tr ... active
C57.123 - Guide for Transformer Loss MeasurementThe purpose of the guide is a) To describe the basis and methodology by which the accuracy requirements of (Clause 8 and Clause 9) of IE ... active
C57.124 - Recommended Practice for the Detection of Partial Discharge and the Measurement of Apparent Charge in Dry-Type TransformersIt is the purpose of this document to describe the wideband test method and general principles of PD measurements that are covered in IE ... active
C57.127 - Guide for the Detection, Location and Interpretation of Sources of Acoustic Emissions from Electrical Discharges in Power Transformers and Power ReactorsThis guide is intended to provide information that may be helpful in planning, installing, and operating acoustic measuring equipment an ... active
C57.142 - Guide to Describe the Occurrence and Mitigation of Switching Transients Induced by Transformers, Switching Device, and System InteractionWhen a transformer is switched into or out of a system, the transient voltage produced at the terminals of the transformer may contain s ... active
C57.143 - Guide for Application of Monitoring Equipment to Liquid-Immersed Transformers and ComponentsThe purpose of this document is to provide guidance to those who specify, apply, install and use on-line monitoring equipment on liquid- ... active
C57.147 - IEEE Draft Guide for Acceptance and Maintenance of Natural Ester Insulating Liquid in TransformersThe evaluation and handling procedures for natural ester transformer insulating liquids are covered. The transformer operator is assiste ... active
C57.148 - Standard for Control Cabinets for Power TransformersThis document will provide users and manufacturers with a set of standard designs that can be easily specified. The document should grea ... active
C57.150 - Guide for the Transportation of Transformers and Reactors Rated 10,000 kVA or HigherThis guide is intended for the following purposes: a) To provide a transportation methodology to help minimize the risk of damage and de ... active
C57.158 - IEEE Draft Guide for the Application of Tertiary and Stabilizing Windings in Power TransformersThis guide provides users with a conceptual framework and recommendations for the specification, application, and performance evaluation ... active
C57.160 - Guide for the Electrical Measurement of Partial Discharges in High Voltage Bushings and Instrument TransformersMeasurement of partial discharges in bushings and instrument transformers following an applied potential test should preferably be made ... active
C57.161 - IEEE Draft Guide for Dielectric Frequency Response TestThe purpose of this guide is to provide the user with information that will assist in performing Dielectric Frequency Response measureme ... active
C57.162 - Guide for the Interpretation of Moisture Related Parameters in Dry, Gas Insulated and Liquid Immersed Transformers and ReactorsThis guide recommends methods for: * the assessment of moisture and moisture related phenomena in dry, gas insulated and liquid immersed ... active
C57.164 - Guide for Establishing Short Circuit Withstand Capabilities of Liquid Immersed Power Transformers, Regulators, and ReactorsThis Guide describes theoretical and practical ways to evaluate liquid immersed power transformers, regulators, and reactors capabilitie ... active