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Power and Energy Projects
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C37.48 - Guide and Tutorial for the Application of High-Voltage (> 1000 V) Fuses and Accessoriesa) To help prospective users and protection engineers understand the basics of high-voltage (> 1000 V a.c.) fuse technology and applicat ... active Project
C37.59 - IEEE Draft Standard Requirements for Conversion of Power Switchgear EquipmentDirections and requirements are provided 37 for the conversion of qualified power switchgear equipment. Examples such as low-voltage pow ... active Project
C37.60/62271-111 - IEC/IEEE Draft International Standard - High-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 111: Automatic circuit reclosers for alternating current systems up to and including 38 kVThis standard is to be read in conjunction with IEC 62271-1:20xx17, to which it refers and which is applicable unless otherwise specifie ... active Project
C37.62 - Standard for Pad Mounted, Dry Vault, Submersible Fault, and Overhead Fault Interrupters for alternating current systems up to 38 kVThe purpose of this standard is to define the rating structure, preferred ratings, test, and construction requirements for pad mounted, ... active Project
C37.66 - Standard Requirements for Capacitor Switches for AC Systems (1 kV to 38 kV)This standard provides comprehensive and detailed requirements for designing and building switches whose specific operating duty is to r ... active Project
C37.75 - Standard for Pad-Mounted, Pole-Mounted and Submersible Switchgear Enclosures and Associated Control Enclosures - Coastal and Non-Coastal Environmental IntegrityThe purpose of this standard is to describe the requirements for a comprehensive integrity system for enclosures of pad-mounted, pole-mo ... active Project
C37.91 - Guide for Protecting Power TransformersThe purpose of this guide is to provide protection engineers with information that helps them to properly apply relays and other devices ... active Project
C37.100.1 - IEEE Draft Standard of Common Requirements for High Voltage Power Switchgear Rated Above 1000 VCommon requirements that may apply to many IEEE power switchgear standards are collected in this standard. These requirements include se ... active Project
C37.100.2 - IEEE Draft Standard for Common Requirements for Testing of AC Capacitance Current Switching Devices over 1000VThis standard provides common requirements for testing of AC capacitance current switching devices with rated maximum voltage above 1000V. active Project
C37.100.5 - IEEE Draft Standard for Definitions of High Voltage Circuit Breakers Above 1000 Vac and 3200 Vdc, and Reclosers and Other Distribution Equipment from 1000 Vac to 38,000 VacThe terms and definitions in the standard are intended to encompass the products within the scope of the C37 series of power switchgear ... active Project
C37.101 - Guide for Generator Ground ProtectionThis guide summarizes the design and application of protective schemes to assist the reader in selecting appropriate equipment and prote ... active Project
C37.102 - Guide for AC Generator ProtectionThis Guide summarizes the use of relays and devices such that the reader may select the necessary equipment to provide adequate protecti ... active Project
C37.108 - Guide for the Protection of Secondary Network SystemsThis guide covers devices that are being used in secondary network systems protections schemes. These devices should act to sense the fa ... active Project
C37.110 - Guide for the Application of Current Transformers Used for Protective Relaying PurposesThe purpose of this guide is to present a comprehensive treatment of the theory and application of CTs to assist the relay application e ... active Project
C37.112 - IEEE Standard Inverse-Time Characteristic Equations for Overcurrent RelaysThe inverse-time characteristics of overcurrent relays are defined in this standard. Operating equations and allowances are provided in ... active Project
C37.116 - Guide for Protective Relay Application to Transmission-Line Series Capacitor BanksThe purpose of this guide is to provide the reader with ample discussion of the protection issues related to series capacitor bank desig ... active Project
C37.118.2 - Standard for Synchrophasor Data Transfer for Power SystemsThe purpose for this standard is to facilitate data exchange among measurement, data collection, and application equipment. It provides ... active Project
C37.120 - Protection System Redundancy for Power System ReliabilityA guide to provide information on protection system redundancy considerations by illustrating the purpose of redundancy and how it may b ... active Project
C37.230 - Guide for Protective Relay Applications to Distribution LinesThis guide educates and provides information on distribution protection schemes to utility engineers, consultants, educators, and manufa ... active Project
C37.233 - Guide for Power System Protection TestingThis guide is intended for power system protection professionals. It includes a reference list of type tests for protective devices as w ... active Project
C37.234 - Guide for Protective Relay Applications to Power System BusesThe purpose of the guide is to assist utility engineers and industrial and commercial plant engineers in selecting and engineering prope ... active Project
C37.235 - Guide for the Application of Rogowski Coils Used for Protective Relaying PurposesThis document provides a guide for application of Rogowski coils used for protective relaying in electric power systems. It is intended ... active Project
C37.237 - IEEE Draft Standard Requirements for Time Tags Created by Intelligent Electronic Devices - COMTAG™Common requirements for associating time tags with data items recorded or transmitted by Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) are estab ... active Project
C37.241 - IEEE Draft Guide for Application of Optical Instrument Transformers for Protective RelayingThis document offers guidance on the application and use of optical voltage and current sensor systems for protective relaying, covering ... active Project
C37.242 - Guide for Synchronization, Calibration, Testing, and Installation of Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) for Power System Protection and ControlThis guide is intended to be used by power system protection professionals for PMU installation and covers the requirements for synchron ... active Project
C37.245 - Guide for the Application of Protective Relaying for Phase Shifting TransformersThe purpose of this document is to provide guidance for the protection of Phase Shifting Transformers. active Project
C37.247 - Standard for Phasor Data Concentrators for Power SystemsThe purpose is to improve interoperability of devices, systems and applications that use synchrophasors and other synchronized data by s ... active Project
C37.248 - IEEE Draft Guide for Common Format for Naming Intelligent Electronic Devices (COMDEV)The purpose of this guide is to provide a convention for naming physical and virtual IEDs in order to provide consistency to the point t ... active Project
C37.249 - Guide for Categorizing Security Needs for Protection and Automation Related Data FilesThis guide adds granularity to security practices to precisely apply security without impeding the use or access to protection and autom ... active Project
C37.250 - Guide for Engineering, Implementation, and Management of System Integrity Protection SchemesThis Guide provides information to help properly engineer, implement and manage System Integrity Protection Schemes (SIPS). The documen ... active Project
C37.251 - Standard for Common Protection and Control Settings or Configuration Data Format (COMSET)The purpose of this standard is to provide a common format that allows settings data for protection and control functions to be exchange ... active Project
C37.301 - Standard for High-Voltage Switchgear (Above 1000 V) Test Techniques--Partial Discharge MeasurementsThis International Standard is applicable to the measurement of partial discharges which occur in electrical apparatus, components or sy ... active Project
C57.12.00 - Standard for General Requirements for Liquid-Immersed Distribution, Power, and Regulating TransformersThis standard is a basis for the establishment of performance, and limited electrical and mechanical interchangeability requirements of ... active Project
C57.12.01 - Standard for General Requirements for Dry-Type Distribution and Power TransformersThis standard is intended to serve as a basis for the establishment of performance and interchangeability requirements of equipment desc ... active Project
C57.12.10 - IEEE Draft Standard Requirements for Liquid-Immersed Power TransformersThis voluntary consensus standard sets forth the requirements for power transformer application. This standard is intended to be used as ... active Project
C57.12.23 - Standard for Submersible Single-Phase Transformers: 250 kVA and Smaller; High Voltage 34 500GrdY/19 920V and Below; Low Voltage 600 V and BelowThis standard is intended for use as a basis for determining performance, interchangeability, and safety of the equipment covered, and t ... active Project
C57.12.32 - Standard for Submersible Equipment - Enclosure IntegrityThe purpose of this standard is to describe the requirements for a comprehensive enclosure integrity system for submersible equipment pr ... active Project
C57.12.38 - Standard for Pad-Mounted-Type, Self-Cooled, Single-Phase Distribution Transformers 250 kVA and Smaller: High Voltage, 34 500 GrdY/19 920 V and Below; Low Voltage, 480/240 V and BelowThis standard is intended to define the electrical, mechanical, dimensional, performance, and interchangeability requirements of the tra ... active Project