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P754 - Floating-Point Arithmetic This standard provides a method for computation with floating-point numbers that will yield the same result whether the processing is done in... Active Project
P802E - Recommended Practice for Privacy Considerations for 802 Technologies The purpose of this recommended practice is to promote a consistent approach by IEEE 802 protocol developers to mitigate privacy threats... Active Project
P1076.1 - Draft Standard VHDL Analog and Mixed-Signal Extensions This standard defines the IEEE 1076.1 language, a hardware description language for the description and the simulation of analog, digital, and... Active Project
P1076 - VHDL Language Reference Manual VHDL is a formal notation intended for use in all phases of the creation of electronic systems. Since it is both machine and human readable, it... Active Project
P1234 - Guide for Fault Locating Techniques on Shielded Power Cable Systems This guide is intended to provide troubleshooting and testing personnel with guidance to safely and quickly localize a faulted cable section or... Active Project
P1363.3-2013/Cor 1 - Identity-Based Cryptographic Techniques Using Pairings - Corrigendum 1: Corrections to Citations The proliferation of electronic communication and the Internet brings with it the need for privacy and data protection. Public-key cryptography... Active Project
P1394 - a High-Performance Serial Bus This standard incorporates the contents of IEEE Std. 1394-2008. All known typos and errors have been corrected. Changes will be summarized in... Active Project
P1450.4 - Draft Extensions to Standard Test Interface Language (STIL) (IEEE Std. 1450-1999) for Test Flow Specification This standard extends IEEE Std 1450-1999 (STIL) to 39 provide an interface between test generation tools and test equipment with regard to the... Active Project
P1484.21 - Task Model for Project-based Learning The TMPL standard allows multiple applications to develop and share consistent data about project-based learning opportunities. Active Project
P1516.1 - Modeling and Simulation (M&S) High Level Architecture (HLA)- Federate Interface Specification The High Level Architecture (HLA) has been developed to provide a common architecture for distributed modeling and simulation (M&S). To... Active Project
P1516.2 - Modeling and Simulation (M&S) High Level Architecture (HLA)- Object Model Template (OMT) Specification The HLA has been developed to provide a common architecture for modeling and simulation. The HLA requires that federations (sets of federates) and... Active Project
P1516 - Modeling and Simulation (M&S) High Level Architecture (HLA)- Framework and Rules This document describes the general principles defining the HLA and delineates the set of rules that apply to HLA federations and federates. Each... Active Project
P1589 - Draft an Augmented Reality Learning Experience Model Augmented Reality (AR) promises to provide significant boosts in operational efficiency by making information available to employees needing task... Active Project
P1622.3 - Election Systems Event Logging Data Interchange Format This standard facilitates the import and export, in a common format, of event data for election systems. This data is used by local and state... Active Project
P1622.4 - Recommended Practice for Election Modeling The purpose of election modeling is to establish an implementation-independent baseline understanding of election data, its inter-relatedness and... Active Project
P1622.5 - Election Systems Usability and Accessibility This standard facilitates the evaluation of the voting system user experience and, hence, the usability and accessibility performance of the... Active Project
P1622.6 - Recommended Practice for Voting Methods Mathematical Models The purpose of the Standard for Voting Methods Mathematical Models is to facilitate elections integrity through a common and precise definition of... Active Project
P1622.7 - Electronic Pollbook Data Interchange Format This standard defines the data elements and attributes outlined in the scope and how the data is associated with other election data. It... Active Project
P1667 - Discovery, Authentication, and Authorization in Host Attachments of Storage Devices This standard defines discovery, authentication, and authorization protocols between hosts and storage devices over multiple transports. Active Project
P1680.1 - Draft Environmental and Social Responsibility Assessment of Computers and Displays A clear and consistent set of environmental and social responsibility performance criteria for the design of computers (including notebook... Active Project
P1680.2a - Draft Environmental Assessment of Imaging Equipment Amendment 1 This amendment revises the following three criteria: "Required--End-of-life processing requirements" (currently; "Optional... Active Project
P1680.3a - Draft Environmental Assessment of Televisions Amendment 1 This amendment revises the following one criterion: "Required--End-of-life processing requirements" (currently Active Project
P1680.4 - /NSF Draft Environmental Assessment of Servers This standard defines environmental performance criteria for computer servers as defined in the Energy Star Server specifications1, including... Active Project
P1680.6 - Environmental Assessment of Complex Set Top Boxes This standard for complex set top boxes is part of the IEEE 1680 family of standards that provides a clear and consistent set of performance... Active Project
P1687.1 - the Application of Interfaces and Controllers to Access 1687 IJTAG Networks Embedded Within Semiconductor Devices This standard enables users of the IEEE 1687-2014 Internal-JTAG "Standard for Access and Control of Instrumentation Embedded within a... Active Project
P1722.1-2013/Cor 1 - Draft Device Discovery, Connection Management, and Control Protocol for IEEE 1722(TM) Based Devices - Corrigendum 1: Technical and editorial corrections This standard specifies the protocol, device discovery, connection management and device control procedures used to facilitate interoperability... Active Project
P1722.1 - Device Discovery, Connection Management, and Control Protocol for Time-Sensitive Networking Systems This standard will facilitate interoperability between systems that stream time-sensitive media and data across local area networks which provide... Active Project
P1788.1 - Draft Interval Arithmetic (Simplified) This standard is a simplifed version and a subset of the IEEE Std 1788TM-2015TM for Interval Arithmetic and includes those operations and features... Active Project
P1800 - Draft SystemVerilog-Unified Hardware Design, Specification, and Verification Language The definition of the language syntax and semantics for SystemVerilog, which is a unified hardware design, specification, and verification... Active Project
P1801 - Draft Design and Verification of Low Power, Energy Aware Electronic Systems The standard enables portability of power intent across a variety of commercial products throughout an electronic system design, analysis,... Active Project
P1804 - Draft Fault Accounting and Coverage Reporting to Digital Modules (FACR) The standard formalizes aspects of fault models as they are relevant to the generation of test patterns for digital circuits. Its scope includes ... Active Project
P1838 - Test Access Architecture for Three-Dimensional Stacked Integrated Circuits For 3D-SICs, three parties are involved: Die Maker(s), Stack Maker(s), and Stack User(s). All circuit features of the stack are included in the... Active Project
P1857.4 - 2nd Generation 1857 Video Coding This standard is the new generation of IEEE std 1857-2013 [IEEE Standard for Advanced Audio and Video Coding], which provides efficient coding... Active Project
P1857.6 - Digital Media Content Description The standard provides compact descriptors to represent the audio/visual features and describe the category, attribute, property and context... Active Project
P1857.7 - Adaptive Streaming This standard specifies the formats of media presentation description and media segment for dynamic and adaptive streaming over networks such as... Active Project
P1857.8 - 2nd Generation Audio Coding This standard is the second generation of IEEE std 1857.2-2013 [IEEE Standard for Advanced Audio Coding], which provides more flexible and high... Active Project
P1857.9 - Immersive Visual Content Coding This standard provides efficient coding tool sets for compression, decompression, and reconstructing of the immersive visual content data. The... Active Project
P1890 - Error Correction Coding of Flash Memory Using Low-Density Parity Check Codes The standard specifies the advanced error correction coding for flash memories. Active Project
P2200 - Standard Protocol for Stream Management in Media Client Devices The purpose is to optimize the delivery of media content to consumer devices containing local storage, taking into account network and content... Active Project
P2301 - Guide for Cloud Portability and Interoperability Profiles (CPIP) The purpose of this guide is to assist cloud computing vendors and users in developing, building, and using standards-based cloud computing... Active Project
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