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P844.5 - Recommended Practice for the Design, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of Induction Heating Systems for Pipelines, Vessels, Equipment, Structures and Induction Susceptor Heating Furnaces

This document aids the user in specifying, installing, operating, testing, and maintaining induction heating systems that will: A) Maintain design temperature of contained material or heated surfaces B) Provide electrical, thermal, and mechanical durability and reliability C) Minimize hazards to the user and/or the surroundings Design information, selection parameters, and data in this document are not intended to provide a complete design of induction heating systems. The information will provide guidelines for: A) Selecting the optimum induction heating system design B) Establishing design criteria and constraints for the heated pipeline or vessel to assure system compatibility C) Preparing specifications to obtain quotations on induction heating systems D) Developing information on installation, operation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of the induction heating systemThis recommended practice provides for the design, installation, testing, operation, commissioning and maintenance of induction heating systems for pipelines, vessels, equipment, structures and induction susceptor heating furnaces. This recommended practice applies to general industry induction heating applications in ordinary locations as well as in hazardous areas having explosive atmospheres. This recommended practice, when used with other recognized codes and standards, is intended to cover induction heating systems including, system design, specification, installation, operation, testing, commissioning and maintenance. This recommended practice also addresses the following associated systems which are important to the performance of induction heating systems: A) Heating system B) Piping system C) Thermal insulation system D) Electric power supply system E) Electric grounding system F) Control and monitoring system
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