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P802.1AB-2009/Cor 2 - IEEE Draft Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks -- Station and Media Access Control Connectivity Discovery - Corrigendum 2: Technical and editorial corrections

An IETF MIB (IETF RFC 2922 [B14]), as well as a number of vendor specific MIBs, have been created to describe a network's physical topology and associated systems within that topology. This standard specifies the necessary protocol and management elements to a) Facilitate multi-vendor inter-operability and the use of standard management tools to discover and make available physical topology information for network management. b) Make it possible for network management to discover certain configuration inconsistencies or malfunctions that can result in impaired communication at higher layers. c) Provide information to assist network management in making resource changes and/or reconfigurations that correct configuration inconsistencies or malfunctions identified in b) above.Correction of technical and editorial errors identified by the IEEE 802.1 maintenance activity.
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