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P3141 - Standard for 3D Body Processing

3D body processing technologies are emerging as the next wave for how people interact and engage in a range of semi-to-fully immersive experiences to, for example, shop, play and learn. However, due to market and technology fragmentation, there is a lack of agreement from across the ecosystem for how to align and deliver on quality of experiences as well as how to cope with gaps in interoperability, communication and security. This standard aims to establish a uniform means for deliberately designing and implementing immersive experiences by delivering the ability to evaluate the quality of experience for 3D body processing technologies for technology solution providers as well as for industries such as retail, health/wellness, sports/athletics and medical.This standard addresses the fundamental attributes that contribute to 3D body processing quality of experiences, as well as identifying and analyzing existing metrics and other useful information relating to these attributes. It defines a standardized suite of objective and subjective methods, tools and frameworks for assessing 3D body processing quality of experience attributes, and it specifies methods, tools and frameworks to facilitate standards-based interoperability, communication, security and comparison among 3D body processing technologies such as 3D/depth sensors, scanners, digitization, simulation and modeling, analytics and animation/visualization for solution providers as well as for consumer facing companies such as in retail, health/wellness, sports/athletics, medical industries.
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