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P1857.8 - Standard for 2nd Generation Audio Coding

This standard is the second generation of IEEE std 1857.2-2013 [IEEE Standard for Advanced Audio Coding], which provides more flexible and high efficiency coding tool sets for compression, decompression, and packaging of the audio data which should double the coding efficiency of IEEE std 1857.2-2013. The target applications and services include but are not limited to the audio accompanying video and other audio services and applications, such as the audio accompanying Internet video, TV audio system, digital audio storage, Audio broadcasting and communication.This standard specifies audio compression, decompression and packaging tools and mechanism which support the efficient transmission and storage of the multimedia data over internet and flexible configuration of compression parameters for providing better Quality of Experience (QoE) about bitrate and subjective assessment of playback quality, aiming at satisfying the requirement of network user, such as self-made multi-tracks and multi-components audio production, or music scene coding. These include the bitrate from 16kb/s/ch to 192kb/s/ch and multiple channels up to 128 for audio signals with sampling frequency 8kHz~192kHz and quantization resolution 8 bit, 16 bit and 24 bit.
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