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P1693 - Standard for Modular Interconnect Packaging for Scalable Systems

The document establishes an integration standard for Automatic Test Systems that provides a common specification for constructing building blocks, interior chassis', instruments, carriers, power modules, and test interface options. The plug&play architecture provides simple assembly, with minimum use of cables which reduces material costs, labor and delivery time. A modular scalable test system specification defines building blocks, VXI modules/carriers, related mezzanine modules, and pluggable interfaces that can be scaled and/or reconfigured to meet differing applications. A pluggable interface specification of the standard also supports easy rehosting of differing test interfaces and related adapters to the test system.This standard defines the electrical and mechanical specifications of a modular interconnect packaging system design for Automatic Test System (ATS). It specifically describes a building block approach based upon the integration of several elements: (1) the outer enclosure and the inner Eurocard standard mechanical chassis that forms the mechanical structure of the building block with alignment features to mate with other enclosures [building blocks]; (2) upgraded VXIbus Consortium Standard for VME eXtensions for Instrumentation (VXI) Revision 4.0 Specification, in accordance with VITA 41.4 Standard, that adds 2eSST/PCI-Express serial bus control to the backplane while maintaining backward compatibility of current VXI modules; (3) a new pluggable VXI module as a virtual power source serving internal and external needs; (4) a funnel-like extension of the current VXI module length to permit real estate for switching and standardized connectors that directly couple with rear connectors of a transparent pluggable multi-test interfaces; (5) instrument-on-a-card pluggable mezzanine modules to an extended VXI form factor carrier; and (5) a pluggable test interface transition panel approach that is transparent to a wide variety of direct couple interface panels, IEEE- P1505 Receiver Fixture Interface [RFI] Standard, or commercial/military test interfaces.
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