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P112 - IEEE Draft Standard Test Procedure for Polyphase Induction Motors and Generators

Instructions for conducting and reporting the more generally applicable and acceptable tests are covered to determine the performance and characteristics of polyphase induction motors and generators. Additional tests, not specified herein, may be required to satisfy specific research or application needs. These procedures shall not be interpreted as requiring the performing of any specific test in a given transaction.This standard covers instructions for conducting and reporting the more generally applicable and acceptable tests of polyphase induction motors and generators. Many of the tests described may be applied to both motors and generators, as needed, and no attempt is made to partition the test procedure into clauses and subclauses that separately apply to motors or to generators. Whenever the term motor is used, it is to be understood that it may be replaced by the term generator , if applicable. Likewise, whenever machine is used, it may be replaced by either motor or generator, if applicable. Since polyphase power systems are almost universally three-phase systems, the equations in this standard have been written specifically for three phases. When the test is performed on other than three-phase power, the equations shall be modified appropriately.
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